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Innovative engineering solutions for the win

Innovative engineering solutions for the win!

The new Western Sydney Stadium is part of the NSW Government’s initiative to improve sporting infrastructure across the State. The new stadium will form the centrepiece for the transformation of Parramatta and enhance a sense of place in the revitalised Parramatta CBD within its historic parkland setting.

A Stadium for People

A stadium for the people

This is a stadium for the people of Western Sydney and will attract big-ticket events. It has been designed to host football, rugby league, rugby union and big concert events and will seat 30,000 people undercover and provide up to 900 jobs for the people of Western Sydney…

…and after just two years of construction, the new Western Sydney Stadium hosted its first match on Easter Monday, 22 April, 2019 – a hotly contested derby between two Western Sydney teams – the Parramatta Eels and the Wests Tigers.

Western Sydney Stadium

A supplier who could deliver above and beyond

The construction program for the new WSS was tight. The project demanded a structured cabling and fibre optic network infrastructure with advanced technology, including wi-fi and broadcast facilities – one that could be installed and implemented with speed and agility.

So when Stowe Australia won the tender to complete the electrical and communications services for the Western Sydney Stadium, they needed a telecommunications supplier who not only understood the rigorous demands of such a high profile, tier one construction project, and had a proven track record of providing outstanding service…

…but a supplier that also had advanced engineering capabilities.

OSA prides itself on industry best practice and working with selected best of breed industry manufacturers and partners.

That’s why OSA was the supplier they knew they could rely on.

Project solutions to meet architectural design demands

Project solutions to meet architectural design demands

One of the key reasons Stowe Australia likes to work with OSA is OSA’s ability to find innovative solutions that work within the scope of the architectural design. The Stowe team appreciate that they’re able to rely on Dennis and the team, to move forward efficiently and easily with the project.

As expected, the Western Sydney Stadium construction project presented some challenges.

“A number of light poles in the public realm of the project required CCTV, wi-fi access points and fibre optic cables. We needed a compact fibre termination product… but the existing internals didn’t allow for the larger number of products to terminate fibre into.

We couldn’t alter the architectural design, simply because the services didn’t fit – we needed to source a product that suited the architectural design.

Dennis Zilic found a product solution that didn’t involve an external enclosure, and we were able to move forward with it. It was a big win. I’m aware of other recent projects where this wasn’t the case… in this instance, we were able to source a product which satisfied the architectural design,” says Project Foreman Josh McKeever.

OSA’s depth of knowledge on products and excellent relationships with other key vendors allows the OSA team to evolve and innovate, and keep up to date with current local and international standards and global trends.

Access to world-class manufacturer CommScope

“We entered the tendering process with communications vendor CommScope. OSA is a specialist CommScope distributor nationally, and it was vital that we had access to the manufacturing vendor because if we encountered any issues with the project, we were able to work together with OSA and CommScope to find a solution,” Josh McKeever says.

As a tier one construction project with a budget of $360million, this was critical to the project delivery.

Western Sydney Stadium opening 2019

Delivering a complex cabling solution for a future-proofed comms network

This new state of the art stadium is home to a future-proofed communications network, guaranteed for 30 years.

Using CommScope’s category 6A F/UTP – Foil Twisted Pair, OSA supplied over 10 kilometres of single mode fibre optic cabling for all the communications systems within the stadium.

The server room cabinet is the nerve centre for all communications within the stadium. The main cabinet is used to store, power and operate computer servers and their associated components. This is the powerhouse which connects all the network systems which run the administration, access for the 30,000 spectators, car and pedestrian areas, food and beverage facilities, security, CCTV and more.

OSA supplied the entire structured cabling system and all thirty three 45RU server cabinetS to accommodate the AV, Security and data. The project had more than 3000 outlets throughout the stadium.

Bankwest Stadium

Delivering for the people of Western Sydney - on time - and on budget

“The momentum of any major construction relies on a certain sequence. Any delay will be disruptive. Many changes take place during the construction phase and with a phone call to Dennis at OSA, I know any problem will be solved,” Josh explains.

“I know that if quantities change, OSA will deliver. I know they will deliver on time. I know they will deliver on service. And I know they will deliver with solutions.

OSA are industry leaders, and they supply quality products to the industry. This allows us to provide a quality product to our client. It’s a true partnership… and by working in partnership with OSA, we’re able to negotiate a good price on premium industry products.”

Western Sydney Stadium

A future-proofed relationship

Project Foreman Josh McKeever appreciates the relationship he and Stowe Australia have built with Dennis Zilic and the OSA team. They work side by side to deliver complex design and construction network solutions.

“…Because things on paper are very different in reality. On a build of this size, things don’t always happen quite the way you think they are going to, and by working closely with Dennis on all aspects of the system, we’re able to overcome any issues easily.”

OSA are not only leaders in stadium and networking infrastructure, but they have the ability to think quickly, with agility and most importantly find the right solution to any problems that arise, and supply the product when the customer needs it on time, every time.

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