Australia’s Leading Network Solutions & Distribution Company

Optical Solutions Australia (OSA) is Australia’s largest independently owned designer and distributor of world-class network solutions.

We design and build turn-key networks that meet both Australian and Global Standards, using vendor agnostic solutions that free up budget and empower our clients.

We approach every project from a comprehensive systems point of view, engineering cutting-edge network solutions that will continue to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations, both now and into the future.

Distribution Experts.  Our six branches have fully stocked warehouses and trade counters, deliver Australia-wide logistics, on time, every time.

Innovative Engineering. We’re the only Network Solutions & Distribution Company in Australia with three Research and Development labs, allowing us to engineer and test infrastructure on our client’s behalf, delivering proven technology.

Independent and Open Source. Our independent Australian ownership means we can select products based on our client’s requirements and future-proof projects.

Professional Partnerships. We partner with world-class suppliers and vendors so we can offer the most current and cutting-edge solutions every time.

Highly Skilled and Committed Staff. Our team share a combination of technical knowledge, commitment to service, ongoing relationships with customers, and awareness of industry developments.

cctv camera test and engineer solutions

Research and Development

Our substantial investment in our six world-class research and development labs minimises uncertainty for our clients and allows us to engineer and test infrastructure on their behalf.

Minimise risk and uncertainty

By staging network systems in our lab we can ensure we deliver a working solution that is also the most profitable solution.

As part of the staging process we build solutions for our clients that increase invoice value at low risk.

Outsourced Engineering Department

For the majority of our clients the ability to conduct R&D in house has disappeared and they no longer have that capability. Our investment in our labs and R&D is huge, so we have the design skills and equipment that traditionally an in-house engineering consultant would have provided.

Network Design Skills & Equipment

Our research and development labs enable us to plan, build, demonstrate and test network systems, empowering our clients with the technical knowhow to build them better, faster, and cheaper.

System design

System Design

We save our clients millions of dollars with our forward-thinking, innovative designs.


Our R&D facilities allow us to test and engineer solutions that are really forward thinking.

Our clients know they can rely on us to always be one step ahead of the rest and proactively look forward, rather than playing catch-up to changes in technology.

Future proof

Unlike any other networking and distribution company in Australia we have the R&D capabilities to future-proof infrastructure, so our clients can create a 5-year or even a 10-year infrastructure plan.

Save time and money

Staging in our R&D labs provides engineers with an opportunity to try different, better configurations before a network is running in a live environment, an environment where configurations are not as easily changed and costly.

Project Staging

Our R&D facilities provide us with the unique ability to mitigate any potential risk for our clients before their network projects go live.

Project staging also allows our clients to scale up even when they don’t have the capacity to do it themselves.


Building and configuring networks in the safe, isolated environment of our R&D labs allows us to carry out necessary testing, eliminate faults and implement any customisations and it also enables our customers to gain an essential working knowledge and experience with their networks before they are deployed onsite.

De-risking Projects

We ensure our client’s networks are fit for purpose in their intended environment, so our clients know they can trust it to work every time when it eventually goes live.

Minimising uncertainty

An important part of the staging process in our R&D labs is the ability to safely introduce a range of potential faults and failures and create viable contingency plans, lowering the risk regardless of worse case scenarios.

OSA Queensland

Warehousing and Distribution

At our very core, we’re distribution experts and we’re driven by a passion for delivering the right product on time.

We’re big enough to have the buying power and the critical mass but we’re also small enough to be fast, flexible and responsive.


We have a national footprint of six fully-stocked, ideally located warehouses in Sydney City, Silverwater, Melbourne, Brisbane, the ACT and Perth.

Immediate Delivery

We use a team of experienced couriers to ensure rapid and secure delivery of products onsite to our clients.

Fully Stocked

We keep all of our warehouses well stocked to provide immediate delivery.

Trade Counters

Trade Counters

Every branch of OSA has its own trade counter offering localised market knowledge and highly personalised over-the-counter service and rapid delivery onsite.

Trained staff

Our team of highly trained staff have the technical expertise, product depth and knowledge to immediately know the right tools for the job, and the systems in place to deliver on time, every time.

Personal Service

We provide knowledge, training and advice to empower our accredited partners and resellers and help them grow their businesses too.

Local market knowledge

We tailor the stock in each warehouse to suit the demands of the local market and employ local customer service and support staff.

Super Fast Broadband Infrastructure
Super Fast Broadband Infrastructure

Fibercorp’s ability to deliver Superfast Broadband Infrastructure at speeds that are up to hundreds of times faster than the NBN Co is achieved thanks to their technology partnership with Calix and OSA.

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UNSW Electrical Engineering Building
UNSW Electrical Engineering Building

Fredon needed the specialised skill set of a company that could design, supply, build, stage and commission a bespoke private network solution, which is why they chose OSA as their technology partner for the job.

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Gosford Hospital Redevelopment Project
Gosford Hospital Redevelopment Project

How do you successfully deliver a $348 million upgrade to a working hospital, ensuring they can still deliver their services during construction? It’s all about experience, service, timing & delivery!

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Australia National University SA5 Building
Australia National University SA5 Building 

Exceptional service, speedy and secure delivery, technical expertise and an ongoing partnership that spans well over a decade … why Programmed Electrical Technologies decided to partner with OSA.

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14 Queens Road Melbourne
14 Queens Road Melbourne

Electrocom Solutions chose OSA as their technology partner to install a GPON Network for the new Arthur Residential Apartments and the Tyrian Luxury Serviced Apartments at 14 Queens Road Melbourne.

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Northern Beaches Hospital Development
Northern Beaches Hospital Development

Opening late 2018, the new Northern Beaches Hospital encompasses a large emergency department, state-of-the-art intensive care and critical care units, and a modern inpatient mental health facility.

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Darling Harbour Exhibition and Convention Centre

As part of its Darling Harbour Live initiative, the New South Wales Government revitalized Sydney’s entertainment and exhibition precinct, the Darling Harbour Exhibition and Convention Centre.

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Rio Tinto FTTD GPON Network
Rio Tinto FTTD GPON Network

Starting in 2009 and finishing in June 2017, OSA partnered with CommScope and Calix to upgrade, design and supply 30,000 man FTTD (fibre to the donga) over several mine camps in the Pilbara region.

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