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VIVOTEK Five Year Warranty

OSA’s technology partner, Vivotek, a leading brand in global security hardware, now offers a substantial five year warranty on world class surveillance cameras through any of OSA’s six strategically located trade warehouses. If you can’t get into one of our trade counters, you can order over the phone by calling 1300 130 423.

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Resilience on keyboard

Network resilience

Resilience is the ability to recover quickly from adversity. The need for building resilience into networks is a critical consideration with any new network design. At OSA, we have the products, expertise, laboratories and capability to future proof our clients’ networks using the most resilient network solutions available in Australia.

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Acquisition announcement – Hexatronic

Swedish company Hexatronic acquires OSA. — The global powerhouse has expanded its footprint into the Australian market with the strategic acquisition of Optical Solutions Australia. This is a significant advancement for OSA, bringing increased global attention and recognition to our research and development and customer-first business model.

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Understanding network redundancy

It is a process, similar to insurance, understanding network redundancy helps ensure your network remains functioning and is available in the event of a network device or path system failure. In the event of an unplanned network outage, a redundant network serves as a backup mechanism. Typically, this is achieved via the addition of an alternate network path onto redundant network switches and routers that are on standby.

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New partnership announcement – Cal Am Manufacturing USA

“After 12 months of due diligence and negotiations, we are proud of the partner announcement Cal Am USA and Optical Solutions Australia. OSA is now the exclusive Cal Am distributor throughout Australia. OSA are one our top global distributors”

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Technician preparing check list in server room

Network maintenance checklist What to look for and why

Network maintenance is an important routine that your business should be employing annually at a minimum. Like your car, having a network maintenance checklist schedules how often and how much maintenance needs to be done.  No matter what size or how much data you use or store networks do become vulnerable and without regular “servicing”, you are open to issues that could see you out of pocket.

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Different types of wireless networks

The wireless network is a complicated landscape to navigate with a number of different types of wireless networks on the market. In this article we look at a sample of the most common wireless networks and provide some clarity on what they do and what purpose they serve.

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Fiber Optical Cable with Plug Single Mode

Difference between single mode and multimode fibre

Every day new technologies emerge and to accompany that we see greater bandwidth usage and network requirements. Here at OSA we understand that both businesses and consumers demand faster network speed and reliable connectivity. There is a difference between single mode and multimode fibre and part of the solution is utilising fibre optic cables in order to meet the needs of advanced technology.

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EOFY sale 2021

If you’re a small business with an annual turnover of less than $50 million, your final chance to take advantage of the $30K Instant Asset Write-Off has been extended to 30 June 2019. OSA’s EOFY SALE 2021 has some great deals under $30K on a range of our most popular splicing and wireless probes…

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The industry benefits of Wi-Fi 6

The next generation of the Wi-Fi standard is Wi-Fi 6, also known as 802.11ax, the latest step in a journey of nonstop innovation. The benefits of wifi 6 standard builds on the strengths of 802.11ac while adding efficiency, flexibility and scalability that allows new and existing networks increased speed and capacity with next-generation applications.

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Darling Harbour Exhibition/Convention Centre

About OSA

Founded in 2002, OSA is part of the global Hexatronic Group. With national and global partnerships and the support and superior backing of one of the world leading fibre optic companies, OSA is fast becoming Australia’s leading designer and distributor of advanced network solutions.

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cable network infrastructure

Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON)

GPON is the highest speed, longest life, lowest cost network infrastructure available in the market. Offering a genuine future‐proof access network with flexibility and upgrade capability well into the future.

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