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VMS CCTV Systems

VMS CCTV Systems

Introducing the next generation CCTV network

Robust, reliable, scalable and open platform …

VMS CCTV is a high quality, IP CCTV system solution designed to fit a variety of business needs across a wide range of markets.

Developed by OSA over three years, VMS (Video Management Solutions) CCTV is a comprehensive range of video management solutions, created to meet a need in the security industry to provide a dynamic, vendor agnostic application to view remote video sources.

This robust and reliable video management system also utilises software defined networking to enable authorised users to remotely monitor any camera within their wide area network at the click of a button, making it ideal for multi-site high security installations, incident response centres, on-call security officers or ad hoc centralised viewing whilst local site recording is uninterrupted.

Because VMS CCTV is vendor agnostic it helps reduce the significant downtime in operation, maintenance and support of CCTV systems that hardware and software incompatibility can cause.

With features such as a three year warranty on all VMS products, a 24hr self-service customer support centre and one of first commercial CCTV camera range with fibre optic interfaces – VMS CCTV makes it all possible.

Simple, scalable and affordable solutions … whatever the size of the CCTV system.

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VMS CCTV... the CCTV system the way it should be

At OSA we don’t just design, develop and distribute individual VMS CCTV components.

As industry leaders in GPON technology and the only Australian network distributor with our own research and development labs, we work with security contractors to help take the guesswork out of creating end-to-end, flexible, future-proofed and secure CCTV systems.

Our system design capabilities, understanding of the individual components of a CCTV system and our experience in delivering entire CCTV systems enable us to help security contractors achieve the highest level of security and coverage for their client’s budget.

We carry the most up to date CCTV equipment, including our very own VMS range, and our expertise in Ethernet and GPON infrastructure means we can assist with seamless updating of existing and new infrastructure as technology changes.

With a three year warranty on all IP cameras, network video recorders, management systems and accessories in the VMS range …

VMS CCTV really is the CCTV system the way it should be.

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Secure, Remote Access and Control Over CCTV

Secure, remote access and control over CCTV systems for a wide variety of industries

Government, infrastructure, manufacturing, construction, commercial buildings, hospitals, aged care facilities, mining, hospitality, education …

from protecting businesses from vandalism to 24/7 remote access of multi-site infrastructure, VMS CCTV surveillance systems are complete video management solutions that grow with the client as their security needs change and technology develops.

VMS CCTV by Optical Solutions Australia develops end-to-end video surveillance and security solutions that provide the information necessary to make real-time, business-enabling decisions …

whatever size or type of business you need to secure.

VMS CCTV systems

Network Video Recorder

Network video recorders

Our VMS CCTV network video recorders all come with inbuilt PoE switch functionality, which eliminates the need for electrical cabling and enables them to also act as a server, recorder and client workstation, ensuring the installation and distribution of network connections is simple, flexible and effective.

And our pay-as-you-grow methodology ensures clients only pay for the level of surveillance they are using now, rather than what they might need to use in the future. So you can simply scale up or down as your security needs change.

CCTV IP Cameras

CCTV IP cameras

All VMS IP CCTV cameras (including the 4K and fibre optic range) are designed with an IP (RJ45) interface, whether they are a dome, PTZ or full body design, ensuring ease of migration for customers from analogue legacy sites.

Flexible and scalable, our VMS CCTV IP camera range includes:

Software management systems and accessories

Software management systems and accessories

VMS CCTV provide security contractors with all of the components they require to create open platform, end-to-end security systems for their clients.

We are the exclusive Australian distributor of Luxriot software, an innovative video management software vendor that creates scalable security and video surveillance software.

We also carry an extensive range of security system accessories, including software management systems, video analytics (including number plate recognition and facial recognition) and camera mounting and accessories.

Three year warranty - shutterstock

Three year warranty and 24 hour self-service customer support centre

Because VMS CCTV is a system that is robust, reliable and tailored to the market demand…

OSA is able to deliver a three year warranty on all VMS CCTV products.

All VMS CCTV branded products – including IP CCTV camerasnetwork video recordersmanagement systemsmounting and accessories – come with a three year advance hardware replacement warranty (conditions apply).

We also support our VMS CCTV range by providing VMS customers with a 24 hour self-service customer support centre, which provides VMS CCTV customers with a single access point for tools, services, reports, files and more – 24/7.

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