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‘If it’s attached to a cable, we can design and engineer it.’

At OSA not only do we understand how to get information from A to B… we also have the Research and Design capability to work out the best and most cost-effective way to get from A to B.

Which means we can plan network systems, we can build network systems, we can demonstrate network systems, and we can test network systems. Empowering our clients with the technical knowhow to build them better, faster, and cheaper.

Human to CCTV machine interface

Human to machine interface

Whether you want to control your system with an iPhone, iPad, monitor or computer we can make it happen. We design our system networks so you can connect to and control lifts, CCTV, video conferencing, intercoms, MATV, audio, televisions, computer networks, building management, electronic security and perimeter detection.

If it’s attached to a cable, we can can engineer and design it.

But we don’t just stop there.

We also futureproof our client’s systems.

innovative networking systems

Infrastructure that lasts

At OSA we understand the huge costs companies face when they have to replace their network infrastructure because the technology has become obsolete or is only compatible with one vendor.

There’s a new and better way to build infrastructure. And at OSA we’re leading the change.

We use our unique R&D capabilities to design innovative networking systems that use the most cutting edge technology. Systems that are completely vendor agnostic.

Systems that deliver massive inbuilt cost savings to all of our clients.

network consultants and estimators Australia

Outsourced engineering department

We understand that our clients no longer have the time, the money or the technical capabilities to design and test these systems themselves.

Which is why our research and development team work in partnership with consultants and estimators Australia wide to create innovative, future-proofed network system designs that minimise risk and maximise outcomes and profit.

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