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Cherbourg Aboriginal Shire Council community

OSA is excited to partner with the Cherbourg Aboriginal Shire Council by providing Wi-Fi and stable internet access to the community.

The Cherbourg Council is installing a community-wide CCTV network with funds from the Federal Government’s Safer Communities Infrastructure Grants. The council will enhance the system by installing D-Links Unified Outdoor Wireless Access Points to provide high-speed internet to all agencies and community members.

OSA will develop the network architecture and D-Links for the equipment solution. We are excited to deliver a high-performing, reliable and future-proof network for the Cherbourg community.

Network for the Cherbourg community

We’re Australia’s No. 1 independently owned designer and distributor of world-class network solutions.

We’ve been supplying communications products and support services to various vertical markets for decades.

Our expertise means we can provide specific network solutions and requirements for Cherbourg Council.

We are excited to create a bespoke network for the Cherbourg community, built to the exacting and specific requirements of their particular network.

Safer Communities Infrastructure Grant

The decision capitalises on the infrastructure provided by the Safer Communities Infrastructure Grant and delivers a key council initiative.

Stephen Carter, Managing Director of KSP says, “We acknowledge Cherbourg Council’s commitment and leadership on this enhancement and thank Optical Solutions Australia for their exceptional support in developing the network architecture and D-Links for the equipment solution.”

Cherbourg Council Mayor Arnold Murray says, “Cherbourg Council is committed to the delivery of quality services and projects to the benefit of our Community.

Cherbourg Safer Community project

The Safer Community Project has been upgraded to include stable internet access for the benefit of business, government and our people. Cherbourg Council will continue to deliver infrastructure and technology projects that make a difference.”

The Chief Executive Officer of Cherbourg Shire, Warren Collins, says, “The recently announced Federal Funding for the Cherbourg Safer Community project will provide superior CCTV coverage across the community. Council, emergency services agencies and the newly formed Cherbourg Security Group will derive enormous benefit from the CCTV system in the delivery of a safer environment for our children, our elderly and our families.

As the system utilises powered fibre optic for signal transmission, we can finally deliver reliable internet access, which is crucial for improving education, health and business outcomes.”

We are looking forward to working with Cherbourg Council on this project as it progresses.

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