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Warehouse & Distribution

At OSA we know from experience that size and location really do matter.

We’re big enough to have the buying power and the critical mass, with an Australia-wide network of fully-stocked, ideally located warehouses…

…but we’re also small enough to be fast, flexible and responsive, offering localised market knowledge, highly personalised over-the-counter service and rapid delivery onsite.

Network distribution experts

Network distribution experts

At our very core, we’re distribution experts and we’re driven by a passion for distribution.

We use a team of experienced couriers to ensure speedy and secure delivery of products to our clients…

…and we’ll even come out and deliver on-site in person ourselves if it’s really urgent.

Optical Solution - Strategically located warehouses

Strategically located warehouses

We have warehouses located Australia-wide strategically placed to be accessible to airports and major transport routes.

We keep all of our warehouses well stocked to provide immediate delivery.

And many of our project managers and installation managers like to come in to order or collect in person over one of our trade counters.

fiber optic network trained staff

Highly trained staff

Every branch of OSA has its own warehouse and trade counter staffed by our team of highly trained, local customer service and support staff.

We provide knowledge, training and advice to empower our accredited partners and resellers…

…and help them grow their businesses too.

We pride ourselves on being the largest distributor in our space, which enables us to provide world class solutions to the Australian market without risk or favour.

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