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Gordon Park - State Manager, Western Australia

Gordon Park

State Manager, Western Australia

Having known and worked with his customer base for close to 20 years now, Gordon has a real understanding of the unique challenges that his clients in Western Australia face.

“As the most geographically isolated city in the world, Perth is pretty unique. Our main challenges here are logistics and time differences. Not only are we 2-3 hours time difference to the rest of Australia, but we are also 40 hours away by road. Most of the vendors we use are based in either Sydney or Melbourne so it’s imperative we have the ability to carry the right stock in our WA warehouse.”

“Inventory management is therefore a huge priority at our OSA Perth branch. We pride ourselves on our level of customer service. We are able to meet our market demand with our well stocked warehouse and can usually offer next day service.”

“On a more personal level the thing I’m most proud about my work at OSA is how we create new opportunities for our customers. Everything about what we do here at OSA — the products, the distribution, the technology, the engineering and the installation — it all helps our clients to win tenders and grow their businesses as well. And that’s a win/win for everyone.”

Gordon came to Australia from the UK in the 1980s for a holiday and never went back. On weekends he can be found keeping himself fit and treading the boards in his local amateur theatre productions.

Eugene Botha - Business Development Manager, Western Australia

Eugene Botha

Business Development Manager, Western Australia

Eugene’s been with OSA for over a decade now, and although he originally comes from an IT background working as a computer engineer, his passion really lies in understanding his customer’s business requirements.

“At OSA there’s no limit to our imagination or what we can do for our clients. We work with a wide range of customers from sole traders to large enterprise clients, and we work on a lot of project based end-to-end solutions.

“We really are unique because we’re in a niche market space with knowledge and experience in connecting and delivering GPON/FTTX solutions, TV technology, phone systems, internet, transcoding… there’s not a lot of people out there who have knowledge over all of these areas. We work in retirement, hospitality, mining, utility, telecommunications, education, government, construction and enterprise market segments.

“I love that we never have to sell to our customers because we always understand what they need and they know we will always deliver the best product at the best price.

“In fact we actually become a stakeholder with our customers.”

Away from work Eugene enjoys keeping fit and relaxing while mountain biking and fishing.

Mark William - Internal Sales Manager, Western Australia

Mark William

Internal Sales Manager, Western Australia

After 6 years at OSA (and 13 years in total working in the same industry) Mark William is still driven by a real passion for what he does.

“One hundred percent, hands down, the best aspect of my work is providing excellent service and delivering a complete solution for our clients. When I’m dealing with a customer, a supplier or a work colleague, I’m dealing with a person I have a relationship with. And many of those relationships go back for years.”

As the internal sales manager for the WA branch, Mark looks after the sales once Eugene and Gordon bring in the orders. And whether he’s assisting with quoting, managing the logistics of the warehouse, helping out over the trade counter or chasing freight, Mark really enjoys every aspect of his work at OSA.

“When I come to work it doesn’t really feel like work because I really do enjoy the amazing clients, suppliers and colleagues I get to spend my days with.”

Mark loves to unplug and unwind when he’s not at work, catching up with friends and chilling out watching sport.

Graham Morris

Graham Morris

OSA’s Prysmian Fibre Product Specialist

With over 30 years’ experience in fibre optics in the telecommunications industry, Graham brings with him a wealth of knowledge and expertise, from hands-on installation and manufacturing to sales and project management. Graham has worked extensively in Malaysia heading up major roll outs of telecom networks and the planning and implementation of major infrastructure projects including the Kuala Lumpur monorail and International Airport.

Prysmian is a global market leader in optical and metallic systems for the telecommunication market and Graham is OSA’s go to expert on Prysmian’s fibre optic and ABF solutions.

The extensive range of Prysmian products – from traditional fibre optics to the innovative Sirocco Air Blown Fibre – gives Graham scope to work with a diverse customer base and design tailor made cable solutions with a hands-on approach.

A very keen golfer, Graham can be found somewhere at the weekend on a golf course in sunny Perth.

Michael Mews - Network Engineer, Western Australia

Michael Mews

Network Engineer, Western Australia

Whether he’s in the lab staging hotels or mining networks, working with GPON technology, or working onsite helping integrators with their configurations, Michael loves the constant learning and evolving that his job entails.

“Because we’re working on the forefront of technological innovation it’s vital we keep up to date. We understand it’s impossible for our clients to keep on top of of technology, which is why at OSA we do it for them. So as well as training integrators on the installation of their networks I also run internal training courses for all of the OSA staff, Australia wide.”

“At OSA we pride ourselves on delivering an end-to-end solution. Working alongside clients at the design stage in our labs, designing and preparing their systems for deployment. Helping them onsite during the install. Assisting with testing their systems before they go live. And then also raising support tickets and sorting out any tweaks that are required once their systems go live.”

With a Science Degree in Information Technology and a background in general networking, Michael’s usually the go to person for any internal IT issues as well. But he wouldn’t have it any other way because he just loves problem solving, teaching others, and helping resolve issues.

Does Michael ever stop to catch his breath? Outside of work when he’s not spending time with his young family he loves to finally relax and watch some sport.

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