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As remote access to CCTV footage becomes more and more common, security cameras are therefore connected to the internet. This changes everything because ultimately these cameras are connected to the same network as mission-critical servers and applications and offer a route for hackers to compromise an entire network. Market leaders Vivotek recognise the increasing cybersecurity risks in the surveillance industry and have partnered with Trend Micro to deliver a multi-layer protection solution.

Multi-Layer Protection Solution for Surveillance Cameras

Vivotek Cyber Security

Vivotek is the leading manufacturer in the security camera sector and has recently partnered with Trend Micro to launched the world’s first IP camera with Anti-intrusion software.

1. Brute Force Attack Detection
When the system detects brute-force attacks based on a defined number of failed login attempts, it will automatically block that IP address and prevent further attacks.

2. Intrusion Detection and Prevention
After shutting down if any malware or abnormal access behaviour is detected, any attempt to control the console, access controversial websites, or any intrusion behaviour will be automatically secured by the mechanism.

3. Instant Damage Control
If an unknown attack occurs, the system will remotely patch all data and transfer it to the anti-intrusion team to analyse and solve it, effectively decreasing the spread of internal infections, and letting users get back to work safely and quickly.

Vivotek Cameras
A safer Network Environment

A comprehensive range of products

VIVOTEK’s comprehensive portfolio of over 750 products is available from all six OSA warehouses nationwide and it includes Network IP, Video servers, Video receivers, Network video recorders, Software, Cloud service, PoE solutions, Illuminators etc.

Together, OSA and VIVOTEK deliver a complete system for the surveillance industry, providing a versatile, reliable and robust range of high-quality products for small to large scale applications for safer network environments. Security within security.

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