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Optical Solutions Australia Team - Victoria

Sam Ford - Sales Engineer, Victoria

Sam Ford

Sales Engineer, Victoria

Sam Ford admits he’s actually a bit of an optical boffin. So much so he took a break from the theoretical side of engineering and spent 18 months getting his hands dirty with cables and poles on the integrator side of the fence.

Sam’s been with OSA for nearly 10 years now, helping clients put the pieces of the puzzle together and architect solutions that provide them with the very best way to get from A to B.

“I do a lot of pre-staging in our lab, working out what’s the best fit to maximise the delivery of services for the end user.”

“I match the commercial realities of the job with the physical environment, by taking into consideration factors such as available space, temperature, etc. Physical media is a big part of the puzzle, so it’s really important to get it right.”

“My favourite part of the job? I love taking a client’s concept and then handing it over as a turnkey solution… on time, under budget, and fully specced.”

Out of hours Sam is also hands on, and can be found tinkering in his workshop, when he’s not relaxing with his young family, reading or kayaking.

Dave McKeown - State Manager, Victoria

Dave McKeown

State Manager, Victoria

A self-confessed ‘telco nerd’, Dave’s worked in telecommunications since he left school and he actually set up OSA’s Victorian branch in 2005. In fact Dave loves his work so much he hasn’t missed a day’s work by choice in over 25 years!

“This is such an exciting industry to be in because the technology is always changing. At OSA we’re mindful we have to evolve and innovate, and we always keep up to date with the current trends.

“For me the relationships are as important as the technology, and OSA has such an amazing team, as well the most wonderful clients.”

Outside of work Dave also enjoys spending time with his young family and enjoying the great outdoors.

Steven Cutajar - Internal Sales Manager, Victoria

Steven Cutajar

Internal Sales Manager, Victoria

For Steve Cutajar it’s the unknown excitement of what each day will bring that gets him out of bed each morning. That, and the chance to keep learning.

“OSA gives me the opportunity to work with so many varied and exciting technologies, and they are always willing to spare me the time for professional development, allowing me to be learning all the time.”

Steve’s work certainly is varied, as he is responsible for providing internal sales support for large account customers, managing large project-based business, and the organisation and marketing of the OSA Victoria showroom and point-of-sale areas.

“I believe I bring a fresh approach and new ideas to our business because I came to OSA after 20 years working in various roles in print media.

“I’ve been able to transfer my skills in managing projects for large fast-paced business to this exciting and dynamic sector of the communications industry.”

Steve also loves the collaborative structure of OSA that allows the various branches to work together to solve solutions at a national level.

On the weekends Steve enjoys going to the footy, listening to and playing music, reading, and spending time with his friends and family, especially his two young boys.

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