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Teltonika is a cutting-edge, leading EMS company, with fully automated production lines that keep miscalculations to a minimum.

Teltonika is proud to be part of OSA’s select group of world-leading vendors who work in partnership with OSA to deliver enhanced reliability and 100% quality, across a range of market verticals. We are pleased to have recently been awarded the Teltonika Top Gold Partner award.

Teltonika offers a wide range of products including vehicle tracking, networking and portable trackers, dedicated for professional applications. They constantly upgrade existing products and launch new ones to meet the expectations of our customers.

Our products will help customers build a solid foundation and enjoy the perfect networking experience.



OSA’s partnership with Teltonika means customers are able to design and manufacture their own products based on our modules. Teltonika’s R&D and technical support departments can help to design and manufacture a brand new product or improve already created products.

Teltonika successfully developed and sold more than four million products with their modules.

Teltonika provides cutting-edge electronic services including SMT assembly, through-hole technology assembly, automated optical inspection and visual inspections, wave soldering, selective soldering, PCB marking with laser, stencil production and more.

With three high-speed surface-mount technology (SMT) assembly lines and 500+ highly skilled employees, Teltonika is able to manufacture various products ranging from fully assembled electronic circuit boards to complete end products for customers.

As an electronic manufacturing services provider, Teltonika places great value in monitoring and optimising the entire supply chain and logistics.

Teltonika Products

RUT-950 Industrial 3/4G LTE Router
RUTX11 Industrial CAT6 LTE Router
RUT-955 Industrial 3/4G LTE Router
RUTX12 Industrial CAT6 LTE Router
RUTX09 Industrial Rugged LTE Router Vehicle Mount CAT6


We’ve been working with OSA for over 10 years now and nothing’s ever a problem. They’re easy to deal with and they always deliver on site.

OSA is our preferred contractor because they absolutely smash everyone else with their service.

Greg Costlow, Project ManagerARA Electrical engineering

Our relationship with OSA goes back nearly 20 years and from day one their service has been exceptional.

Their orders are always correct…

…in fact we’re so confident the order will always be correct that we usually get it shipped directly to our customer’s site without it having to go to us first.

Kevin Flannigan, DirectorCableworks

We’ve been working with OSA for over 15 years now and we’ve always found them to be reliable and helpful…they never let you down.

Their technical expertise is as good as anyone you’d talk to in the industry…they really know what they’re talking about.

Frank Kleemann, DirectorFairview Electrical

While most suppliers only supply cable in standard lengths, OSA always supply us with the exact length we require, delivered where we want it, and always within the time frame that we need it.

Lou Wilkinson, DirectorFibrelink Communications

OSA is key partner in our business because they keep their promises.

The team has a great attention to detail and their customer service is second to none.

They constantly follow up on all transactions, whether large or small.

Tony JohnsonQVR Communications Pty Ltd

OSA’s staff culture is very good…so you know the entire team are going to deliver the same standard of service.

All of the OSA staff have technical expertise and they provide us with any tech support we need if we have questions from our clients.

Kevin Flannigan, DirectorCableworks

Our partnership with OSA began in 2002 and they’ve really helped us to get our business get established.

No matter how urgent or oddball the request, OSA always deliver.

OSA are extremely flexible, their range is extensive, they keep a lot of gear in stock.

Lou Wilkinson, DirectorFibrelink Communications

We’ve been working with OSA for a number of years in a commercial fit out sector of the electrical and communications industry, and we’ve always found OSA to be a market leader in product knowledge, professionalism and service.

Kiel Johnston, Project ManagerElectrical Data Voice Installations Pty Ltd

Comtex has been dealing with OSA for over ten years and will continue its association for many more.

OSA has always provided quality service and competitive pricing throughout and will go over and above normal lines of duty to deliver when required.

They are always prepared to assist with sourcing not only the standard products but also products that are not so common.

Andrew Taucher, Operations ManagerComtex Group

We have been purchasing from OSA for close to 20 years and have found their service to be outstanding.

They usually have stock available and if not, products are sourced quickly. Pricing is competitive and it is always helpful when talking to someone who has an intimate knowledge of the product.

Danny Kersh, Managing DirectorElecdata Australia

OSA has been a supplier to PM Electric since December 2005, their product knowledge and service is why we still consider them a preferred supplier.

Peter MurrayPM Electrical

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