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Because Australia is such a vast continent with a relatively small population, it’s incredibly difficult to test infrastructure…

…and incredible expensive if you get it wrong!

At OSA we understand the importance of R&D in being able to deliver proven technology.

We are the only Communications, Networking and Security distributor in Australia to have a dedicated research and development lab…

…and in fact we have 3 labs, conveniently located Australia-wide in Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth.

Minimising uncertainty research and development labs

Minimising uncertainty

Our substantial investment in research and development minimises uncertainty for our clients and allows us to engineer and test infrastructure on their behalf.

We are the only Australian company to have both system design and staging capabilities across our research and development labs.

networking and distribution company in Australia

Future-proofing infrastructure

We save our clients millions of dollars with our forward thinking, innovative designs.

We don’t just break the paradigm that you can’t do 5 year infrastructure plans… we smash that idea right out of the water.

Unlike any other networking and distribution company in Australia we have the R&D capabilities to future proof infrastructure, so our clients can create a 5 year or even a 10 year plan, with the certainty that their infrastructure is future proofed.

Engineering department for our clients

Engineering department for our clients

For the majority of our clients the ability to conduct R&D in house has disappeared and they no longer have that capability.

Our investment in our labs and R&D is huge. So we have the design skills and equipment that traditionally an in-house engineering consultant would have provided.

Our clients trust us to deliver a proven solution.

cctv camera test and engineer solutions

Unfair advantage

Our R&D facilities provide us with an unfair advantage over our competitors, allowing us to test and engineer solutions that are really forward thinking.

This also gives our clients an unfair advantage too, knowing they can rely on us to always be one step ahead of the rest and proactively look forward, rather than playing catch-up to changes in technology.

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