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Mike Thomas - Co-founder & CEO, Brisbane

Mike Thomas

Co-founder & CEO, Brisbane

“Being the most recognised and one of the largest distributor’s in our space gives OSA a lot of freedom, and it allows us to make strategic decisions”

“It also means that we can be dynamic and agile when responding to the needs of our clients. That’s incredibly rewarding for our clients, and exciting for us. And this really is one of the main reasons why OSA has become a market leader on a global scale.”

Mike and Dennis founded OSA in 2002 because they realised the huge need in the Australian market for a Network Solutions & Distribution Company who not only design and distribute world class network solutions… but also add value and future proof their client’s infrastructure and investments.

“I love being a market leader and innovator and staying one step ahead of our competition because at the end of day I’m a very competitive person. I enjoy putting the right people in the right positions so we can improve our business… and add value and create opportunities for our clients. And I have a real passion for distribution. Together Dennis and I actually have over 50 years combined experience in distribution and networking solutions.”

Outside of work Mike can be found spending time with his family and working on his beautiful macadamia farm on the North Coast of NSW.

Graham Brown - National Engineering Manager, Brisbane

Graham Brown

National Engineering Manager, Brisbane

Graham joined OSA in early 2016, but he’s actually been working as a solutions engineer for over 30 years.

In addition to overseeing OSA’s main research and development lab, Graham coordinates many of OSA’s big projects, responding to tenders and often contracted to large customers as a technical advisor.

“I was attracted to working at OSA because they are such a dynamic company with a really diverse range of products, which means my work here is always interesting.”

“The team are also incredibly professional and market leaders in their game, and they’re amazing to work with.”

Outside of OSA Graham loves to run and whenever he gets a chance he can be found competing in park runs around the world.

Sean Serin - Business Development Manager, Brisbane

Sean Serin

Business Development Manager, Brisbane

An electrician by trade with a diploma in electrical engineering, Sean has over 30 years experience in the communications industry and has worked as a consultant for 15 years.

Sean’s speciality areas include GPON technology, RF overlay, and TV headend. He works with consultants, integrators and end clients, assisting with turnkey design solutions that take systems all the way from the wall outlet to active equipment in the comms room.

“My work at OSA is very satisfying because it’s very holistic, project-based work. When a customer asks us for a widget, we don’t just sell them the widget. We sell them all the other parts required to make that widget work as a complete solution. We also set it up for them, we work out the best design to put it all together, and we train them on how to best use their widget.”

“Our customers don’t have the time or the resources to keep up with the constantly changing nature of technology. In most cases they are unaware of what’s out there and I enjoy showing them how we can deliver systems that are more advanced but at the same time cheaper, because we are using, configuring and distributing newer technologies.”

On the weekends Sean likes to totally switch off from technology by going off-grid while 4WD camping with his family.

Anna Mangano - network solutions expert

Anna Mangano

Accounts & Project Co-ordinator, Brisbane

Anna has been in the Communications and Distribution industry for 11 years, and since joining the OSA team in 2012 has worked her way up from Customer Service to a QLD Accounts & Projects Coordinator working on all major infrastructure projects undertaken by the company.

“I really enjoy the variety my role entails, some days I can be assisting our BDM’s with working on a tender bid or a major project and the next day I am handling product procurement or the day to day accounts so there’s always something different to do and never boring!”

Outside of work even the most organised people need to unwind, which is why Anna enjoys catching up with friends over a glass of wine.

Kevin Weeks

Sales Manager, Connectivity, Brisbane

Having worked in the Communications and Distribution industry for close to 25 years, Kevin knows why OSA has grown to become Australia’s largest independently owned network distribution company

“OSA deliver so much more than just cable. We distribute an enormous range of high-end networking and security products…AND we have the technical expertise to engineer all of these products into end-to-end solutions for our clients.

“Delivering what the customer wants, when they want it, is also something I’m very passionate about, and it’s exciting to work with a team who are so focused on delivering outstanding customer service.”

Outside of work Kevin also loves spending time with his family and relaxes by getting out and enjoying the Queensland sunshine on his stand up paddle boards.

Gavin Broderick

Gavin Broderick

Business Development Manager (Security)

Gavin has over 24 years of experience in the electronic security industry in both technical and sales roles. Gavin has the skill sets and expertise to oversee sales growth for OSA in the commercial and government electronic security space.

“I’m excited to be a part of OSA’s team and feel privileged to work alongside industry leading professionals. OSA is set up to deliver a high level of service and technical support that is unmatched in the distribution space.”

Gavin loves the team environment at OSA and believes the leadership value is second to none. Gavin is responsible for growing OSA’s portfolio and branching into commercial spaces to reach security markets.

“It’s a very healthy environment and it’s all about working well together; working at OSA has been the biggest plus for me.”

When he’s not working, Gavin loves spending time with his two young boys. He’s also a passionate rugby union coach and enjoys coaching his children.

Cameron Stewart

Cameron Stewart

Pre-Sales Systems Engineer & Lab Coordinator, Brisbane

Cameron’s love of technology is undeniable! Joining OSA in 2007 as a young member of the warehouse team, he has gained valuable experience through our sales department and now excels as an engineer.

“I started out doing an engineering degree, but I realised the career opportunities weren’t quite what I wanted. Getting the job at OSA was completely by chance. OSA was installing CCTV systems at the QLD police station where my father worked and, in passing, the technicians mentioned they were looking for a young person to join the company… someone they could educate and train to become a central part of the team.

It sounded great to me, so I sent in my resume and that was it!”

Over the years, Cameron has used his natural curiosity and research ability to help OSA discover some key vendor partnership. He was integral in finding Luxriot and also the camera manufacturer who supplies our VMS cameras.

“The best part about working at OSA is being able to play with the latest technology. It really scratches my itch! Plus, it’s just such a great team of people here… it’s like a family. I’m really proud of the work I do – what do they say – do something you love and you never work a day! That’s exactly how it feels here.”

When Cameron isn’t up to his elbows in tech products at work, he enjoys spending time with his young family. His two year old son keeps him entertained with his bubbly character.

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