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Are your Fibre Optic Solutionss rodent proof?

Most projects require that optical-fibre cable be installed in duct or conduits, but while this level of protection is necessary to protect against mechanical abuse it doesn’t protect your cables against rats.

Rodents can cause considerable damage to cables because as their teeth constantly grow, they have an instinct to gnaw on things to wear down their teeth. Rats are attracted to cables because of the size of the cables, not their taste or smell.

Rodents chewing cable is such a common a problem that during the recent NBN roll-out, failure to lay rodent-proof cables meant that contractors needed to be brought in to replace long stretches of cables that had been mauled by rodents between Toowoomba and Dalby!

NOR@T rodent-proof cables - smaller, lighter and more flexible for ease of installation

Prior to Prysmian’s NOR@T cables, steel tape or steel wire armouring was used to protect cables from rodents. These metallic cables are heavy, expensive and they require earthing.

With NOR@T cables a glass reinforced plastic rod (GRP) is used instead of metal to prevent the rodents from penetrating the cable.

The use of SM@RTCORE reduced diameter technology ensures these rodent proof cables are small, light-weight and flexible for ease of installation.

This non-metallic design also removes the need for any earthing requirements.

Designed for Australian conditions... and Australian rodents

Prysmian’s NOR@T rodent proof non-metallic cable has been designed for Australian conditions and tested using Australian black rats.

Independent testing has confirmed that the NOR@T’s GRP armour design is the only truly effective non-metallic protection that can offer this rodent PROOF level of defence.

If you’d like to find out more about how Optical Solutions Australia and Prysmian can protect your cables from rodents, contact us to find out more.

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