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According to a scientific experiment from the University of Queensland, School of Agriculture and Food Sciences, Prysmian’s NOR@T GRP Armoured Rat Proof Cable is the most effective in resisting damage caused by the black rat, a major rodent pest in Australia known to cause extensive damage to cable installations worldwide.


After tests and experiments, Prysmian’s NOR@T cables prove the best

The front incisors of rodents grow continuously, and gnawing is a natural behaviour of these species to maintain the sharpness and length of their incisors.

Optic fibre cables are known to be attractive to rodents as an object for gnawing, and this behaviour can cause extensive damage to cable system installations.

The research reports the results of a scientific experiment evaluating the effectiveness of four fibre optic telecommunication cables, supplied by Prysmian Group.

A total of 32 black rats weighing 220-265g were live-trapped and individually housed in experimental cages. This cage was extended to a test chamber in which the rat had to gnaw through a 180mm length of cable to reach a food reward.

After an acclimatisation period of three days, eight rats were randomly assigned for testing one of the four cables.

Gnawing on the cable was scored each morning for seven consecutive days, using a scoring system to measure the extent of damage into the cable.

The results showed that rodent-proofing was completely ineffective for Prysmian LOR@T Fibreglass Woven Tape Rat Resistant Cable, Prysmian SM@RTCORE Duct Cable and a competitor’s Glass Yarn Armoured Rat Resistant Cable, with all eight rats gnawing to the fibre optic core.

Therefore, there was a significant statistical difference between Prysmian’s NOR@T GRP Armoured Rat Proof Cable and the other cables, with Prysmian’s NOR@T cables incurring the least damage caused by rats.

The damage to Prysmian’s NOR@T GRP Armoured Rat Proof Cable was limited to the protective layer, while rats damaged the fibre optic bundles in all the other samples.

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Ease of installation and ideal against the risk of rats

Prysmian is one of the largest manufacturers of telecom cables and the world’s second largest producer of Fibre Optic Solutions and related accessories.

Prysmian is a market leader in the development, design, manufacture, supply and installation of a broad array of cables for applications in the telecommunications and energy industries.

With local state of the art engineering and manufacturing facilities, Prysmian, in partnership with OSA, deliver systems solutions from project design and testing through to technical and after sales support.

This hands-on approach creates safe and reliable telecommunications systems specifically suited to harsh Australian conditions.

Thanks to the University of Queensland’s extensive experiment, Prysmian’s NOR@T GRP Armoured Rat Proof Cable is a structurally strong, thick and stiff cable with a distinct protective layer, ideal for installation in areas with the highest risk of rats damaging cables.

Prior to Prysmian’s NOR@T cables, steel tape or steel wire armouring was used to protect cables from rodents. These metallic cables are heavy, expensive and they require earthing.

With NOR@T cables a glass reinforced plastic rod (GRP) is used instead of metal to prevent the rodents from penetrating the cable.

The use of SM@RTCORE reduced diameter technology ensures these rodent proof cables are small, light-weight and flexible for ease of installation. This non-metallic design also removes the need for any earthing requirements.

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Reduce maintenance and repair costs with Prysmian

Prysmian’s NOR@T rodent proof non-metallic cable is perfectly designed for Australian conditions. The NOR@T’s GRP armour design is the only truly effective non-metallic protection that can offer this rodent proof level of defence.

Protection against gnawing by rodents is required to minimise and prevent damage to fibre optic cables caused by rodents.

Effective protection against rodent gnawing will extend the life of a fibre cable installation, reduce maintenance costs and decrease associated operational downtime from repairing damaged cables.

If you’d like to find out more about how Optical Solutions Australia and Prysmian can protect your cables from rodents, contact us to find out more.

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