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R&D Network Project Staging

Network Project Staging

Our world-class R&D facilities provide us with the unique ability to mitigate any potential risk for our clients before their network projects go live.

It also allows our clients to scale up even when they don’t have the capacity to do it themselves.

Building and configuring networks in the safe, isolated environment of our R&D labs not only allows us to carry out necessary testing, eliminate faults and implement any customisations…

…it also enables our customers to gain an essential working knowledge and experience with their networks before they are deployed onsite.

wireless cctv camera profitable solution

A profitable solution

By staging network systems in our lab we can ensure we deliver a working solution that is also the most profitable solution.

As part of the staging process we build solutions for our clients that increase invoice value at low risk.

optical fibre better network solutions

A better solution

We build unified solutions for our clients that simply work better.

Staging in our labs provides engineers with an opportunity to try different, better configurations before a network is running in a live environment, an environment where configurations are not as easily changed and costly.

optical audio cable - A bespoke solution

A bespoke solution

The staging process also allows us to create a bespoke network for our clients, built to the exacting and specific requirements of their particular network.

In our R&D labs we always ensure our client’s networks are fit for purpose in their intended environment, so our clients know they can trust it to work every time when it eventually goes live.

We do this in the lab by testing and adjusting variables such as cooling systems, power sources, backup systems, flexibility of space and accessibility through online channels.

network cable - A fast solution

A fast solution

Pre-staging saves time by dramatically reducing the amount of time engineers need to spend on their end user’s site.

Instead of the usual weeks or even months spent configuring and building equipment on site, equipment is able to be delivered to site pre-assembled, configured and ready for installation.

digital optical cable solution

A low risk solution

Unfortunately catastrophic events such as floods, tsunami, heatwaves, earthquakes or even power failures do sometimes occur. These forces of nature are usually unpredictable and often uncontrollable… they can quickly shut down or even totally destroy a network.

An important part of the staging process in our R&D labs is the ability to safely introduce a range of potential faults and failures and create viable contingency plans, lowering the risk regardless of worse case scenarios.

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