Australia’s Leading Network Solutions & Distribution Company

As Australia’s number one, Networking and Security distributor we have invested in an Australia-wide network of well-stocked, conveniently located warehouses.

Our commitment to logistics infrastructure is world class and it allows us to offer a professional, tailored, highly-localised and same day service.

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We understand the building environment

In the construction and building game time is money and labour is undoubtedly the greatest cost.

Even the slightest delay in supply of material will have a domino effect to a building schedule, and potentially blow out building costs.

We work to protect and enhance our client’s profit margins by ensuring our warehouses are fully stocked with the right materials at highly competitive prices.

Helping them to bring in their projects on time… and under budget.

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We deliver on service too

Not only do we keep the right materials in stock… we also like to go above and beyond with our level of service.

Our accurate, fast response includes delivery by experienced and reliable same day couriers. If there’s any problems or delays we always communicate clearly and quickly so contractors can be rescheduled.

Onsite we make sure the gear gets to the right person at the right location, before or when it’s needed.

wifi security camera developments in technology

We add value to invoices

We listen to what are clients are saying, and we understand what products will deliver the best outcome for their project.

We also advise them on the latest developments in technology that allow them to deliver the project cheaper, better and faster… adding value to their invoices and in turn delivering smarter, future-proofed solutions to their clients.

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