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CCTV Security System

We deliver entire CCTV security systems

At OSA, our nationwide network of fully-stocked warehouses carry an extensive range of the latest in CCTV technology, including CCTV IP cameras, software management systems, network video recorders, IP encoders, video analytics, KVM extenders, and mounting and accessories, in addition to the necessary network cabling.

But we don’t just stop there. Our highly skilled CCTV specialists also work in partnership with security contractors to deliver entire CCTV security solutions, specifically tailored to their client’s requirements.

Our unique research and development facilities afford us the ability to pre-configure entire CCTV systems (including network equipment, cameras, and recording servers), so when our security partners deliver the CCTV system to their client’s site they can simply do a “plug and play” install, secure in the knowledge that the CCTV system will always deliver exactly what their client needs.

VMS (Video Management Systems) CCTV

We Created VMS...the Next Generation CCTV Network

Developed by OSA over 3 years, VMS (Video Management Systems) CCTV is a comprehensive range of video management solutions, created to meet a need in the security industry to provide a dynamic, vendor agnostic application to view remote video sources.

VMS CCTV is ideal for multi-site high security installations, incident response centres, on-call security officers or ad hoc centralised viewing whilst local site recording is uninterrupted.

This robust and reliable video management system also utilises Software Defined Networking to enable authorised users to remotely monitor any camera within their wide area network at the click of a button.

With features such as industry best warranty, the ability to connect disparate CCTV systems together without integration, a 24hr Self-Service Customer Support Centre, and the world’s first commercial CCTV camera range with fibre optic interfaces…VMS CCTV makes it all possible.

VMS CCTV Systems
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CCTV Accessories
CCTV Accessories
Secure CCTV Systems

We help create the most secure CCTV systems possible

Creating the most secure CCTV systems possible is achieved with a unique intersection of skills and technology.

Not only do we carry the most up-to-date CCTV equipment, including the cameras, software, recording servers and network cables…

…but we also have the experience with and expertise in ethernet and GPON infrastructure, and can assist with seamless updating of existing and new infrastructure as technology changes.

Because choosing the right location and the correct angle when installing CCTV cameras is just as important for security as the resolution and the number of cameras in the system.

VMS CCTV Bullet Camera

We take the guesswork out of creating a CCTV system

Our understanding of the individual components of a CCTV system, as well as our experience in delivering entire CCTV systems, helps take the guesswork out creating CCTV systems.

We work with security contractors to help assess how to achieve the highest level of security and coverage for their client’s budget, and then we customise the most effective system for their specific security requirements across a broad range of industries. 

The who, where, why, when, what and how of a CCTV system

Who is using the system? Where is the system located? Why is the CCTV system being installed? When will the CCTV system be used? What cabling already exists on the site? How much does the client have to spend on the system, and how can we help meet the client’s budget?

Understanding the needs of the client, and the environment and purpose of the CCTV system, enables us to look at the entire system from one end to the other, and deliver the best products for the job.

OSA VMS CCTV Bullet Camera on high building

The backbone of a CCTV system: cables and pathways

Is there an existing analogue or copper cat 6 ethernet cable? Does the client need fibre to get their system further?

Our range of hi-tech cabling and infrastructure options include GPON, which is ideal for small space cavities in multi-storey buildings, and TeraSpan, the micro-trenched fibre optic solution to get cables across car parks and driveways without digging great trenches.

The grunt behind a CCTV system: network and bandwidth

Network options include unicast or multicast options, managed and unmanaged, and even the latest GPON technology.

Bandwidth requirements will be higher with an outdoor system, more cameras, and higher resolution cameras.

CCTV System

The type of CCTV camera required

Understanding the location, field of view, mounting position, and reason for CCTV surveillance system will all determine the best camera type for the job, whether it’s a bullet or dome IP camera, fibre optic camera, micro dome camera, fisheye dome camera or vandal proof camera.

Does the client need it for legal or insurance purposes? Are they using it as a deterrent, to discourage or identify unsociable behaviours? Or do they need a discrete system for covert observation?

The storage size of the CCTV system

Calculating the storage requirements for the system once again comes back to the purpose of the system. If the CCTV is responsive (constantly monitored) it will need different monitors, storage and camera type to a reactive system, which is only reviewed on request.

Typically, councils, licensed premises and systems installed for legal or insurance purposes require 30 days storage, 24/7. Shops, “peace of mind” clients and responsive clients only need 14 days storage, and they may also want to reduce recording frame at night (eg recording on motion only).

CCTV System

The best management software for the CCTV system

Once again the client’s requirements and budget will determine the best management software system for the job, but OSA stocks a wide range to suit all end users.

Luxriot VMS can be used in court, will support up to 100 cameras, and is often used in the retail environment. 

Pelco VideoXpert is a slightly more complex system, used for railways, cities and casinos.

At the top end of the scale, Luxriot Evo can support 1000’s of cameras and is ideal for campus and mine sites, while Teleste S-VMX can support up to 10,000 cameras and is commonly used for city, railway, and casino CCTV systems.

The matching of monitors and PCs to camera resolution

Understanding how to match monitor size to number of cameras is the final step in the security analysis.

Whether an SD, HD or UHD monitor is required (and the number of PCs to drive the monitors) depends on the number of cameras in the CCTV system.

OSA VMS CCTV Dome Camera on high building

We deliver turn-key solutions for every type of CCTV system

At OSA we help security contractors deliver CCTV system solutions to a range of industries, including government, hospitality, mining, multi storey developments, heath, aged care, and the retail sector.

Whatever the size of the project, and whether it is a new system or an existing system upgrade, we look at the entire solution, from one end to the other. We deliver CCTV systems that work for the client’s needs and their budget, systems that can easily be upgraded or expanded as technologies evolve.

Cutting-edge technology, experience, research and development capabilities, and the ability to test and engineer vendor agnostic, future-proofed systems…

…all afford OSA with the ability to deliver turn-key solutions for every type of CCTV system.

Contact us to find out more.

CCTV Products

16-port VGA + USB KVM Switch. Resolution to 1920×1200. (16)VGA/USB Cables, PSU and Rackmount Kit
CrystalView HD6 Rack, Single KVM Extender, 1xHDMI, 1xUSB2.0, 1920×1200, CATx, 330Ft, 100m
HDR Covert IP Camera
Mobile Dome Network Camera MD8531H (M12)
Fixed Dome Network Camera FD8382-VF2
Indoor Dome, 2M 30fps, H.265/H.264/MJPEG, f2.8mm Fixed Lens,


We’ve been working with OSA for over 10 years now and nothing’s ever a problem. They’re easy to deal with and they always deliver on site.

OSA is our preferred contractor because they absolutely smash everyone else with their service.

Greg Costlow, Project ManagerARA Electrical engineering

Our relationship with OSA goes back nearly 20 years and from day one their service has been exceptional.

Their orders are always correct…

…in fact we’re so confident the order will always be correct that we usually get it shipped directly to our customer’s site without it having to go to us first.

Kevin Flannigan, DirectorCableworks

We’ve been working with OSA for over 15 years now and we’ve always found them to be reliable and helpful…they never let you down.

Their technical expertise is as good as anyone you’d talk to in the industry…they really know what they’re talking about.

Frank Kleemann, DirectorFairview Electrical

While most suppliers only supply cable in standard lengths, OSA always supply us with the exact length we require, delivered where we want it, and always within the time frame that we need it.

Lou Wilkinson, DirectorFibrelink Communications

OSA is key partner in our business because they keep their promises.

The team has a great attention to detail and their customer service is second to none.

They constantly follow up on all transactions, whether large or small.

Tony JohnsonQVR Communications Pty Ltd

OSA’s staff culture is very good…so you know the entire team are going to deliver the same standard of service.

All of the OSA staff have technical expertise and they provide us with any tech support we need if we have questions from our clients.

Kevin Flannigan, DirectorCableworks

Our partnership with OSA began in 2002 and they’ve really helped us to get our business get established.

No matter how urgent or oddball the request, OSA always deliver.

OSA are extremely flexible, their range is extensive, they keep a lot of gear in stock.

Lou Wilkinson, DirectorFibrelink Communications

We’ve been working with OSA for a number of years in a commercial fit out sector of the electrical and communications industry, and we’ve always found OSA to be a market leader in product knowledge, professionalism and service.

Kiel Johnston, Project ManagerElectrical Data Voice Installations Pty Ltd

Comtex has been dealing with OSA for over ten years and will continue its association for many more.

OSA has always provided quality service and competitive pricing throughout and will go over and above normal lines of duty to deliver when required.

They are always prepared to assist with sourcing not only the standard products but also products that are not so common.

Andrew Taucher, Operations ManagerComtex Group

We have been purchasing from OSA for close to 20 years and have found their service to be outstanding.

They usually have stock available and if not, products are sourced quickly. Pricing is competitive and it is always helpful when talking to someone who has an intimate knowledge of the product.

Danny Kersh, Managing DirectorElecdata Australia

OSA has been a supplier to PM Electric since December 2005, their product knowledge and service is why we still consider them a preferred supplier.

Peter MurrayPM Electrical

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