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Guide to GPON in 2020

In today’s modern world where everyone connects to the internet through a smartphone, computer or tablet, fast internet is an absolute must. With more and more people consuming technologies such as streaming HDTV, the demand for more bandwidth is evident – and as soon as more bandwidth becomes available, more bandwidth-intensive technologies roll out.

As the need for higher speed and bandwidth continues to grow for businesses and home consumers, it’s important to have access to efficient and cost-effective networks.

As Australia’s No. 1 independently owned designer and distributor of world-class network solutions, OSA is staying one step ahead in the market with our expert knowledge and distribution of GPON technology.

Gigabyte Passive Optical Networks

What is GPON?

Gigabyte Passive Optical Network (GPON) is a high-speed network that relies on optical cables to deliver information. Compared to the standard copper wire in most networks, GPON is significantly more energy-efficient and provides low-cost solutions by adding users through splitters, making GPON a desirable network in populated areas. With its long life and low-cost network infrastructure, GPON offers flexibility and upgrade capabilities well into the future.

This high bandwidth, power saving, green technology is transforming a wide range of businesses and government agencies, including mining accommodation camps, hotels and multi-dwelling accommodation, campus-style building layouts, retirement villages, residential and commercial developments, corporate and high rise buildings.

Provides fibre connectivity

How does GPON work?

GPON is an access method that provides fibre connectivity using point-to-multipoint technology. Its defining feature is that it uses passive splitters in the fibre network so that a single fibre line from the service provider can deliver connectivity to multiple endpoints.

Whereas an active Ethernet network uses physical, electrically powered switches to send signals to different endpoints, GPON does not rely on electrically powered switches. The optical splitters separate the fibre signal – only at the initial transmission and final reception does it require electrically powered equipment.

GPON is also totally scalable without the need to re-cable the network. Systems can configure up to many thousands of users with multiple OLT chassis.

The end result is a customisable, high capacity fibre network for all forms of IP based services, including:

  • CCTV
  • security systems
  • Video on Demand
  • high-speed Internet
  • PMS Integration
  • High or Ultra High Definition IPTV
  • Access Control and Door Entry
  • VoIP Telephony
  • Voice and Video Intercom Systems
  • Traditional Analogue Telephony or Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS)
  • Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Services
  • Automated Minibar Systems
  • POS Terminals
  • Building Management Systems (BMS)
  • Wi‐Fi Access Nodes.
OSA - Graphic
OSA - GPON long-term solutions

GPON’s long-term solutions

With technology constantly evolving, end-users are now demanding faster Internet speed. To meet this growing need, fibre optic technology is the way forward as fibre cables can support the demand for higher speeds, as well as the distance within networks.

By using GPON fibre optic cables, GPON can support multiple users, giving GPON the advantage by reducing equipment, satisfying high-density areas as well as supporting triple play service; voice, data and IP video at the demanding rate of the public.

In GPON networks, up to 64 ONTs can share one fibre connection to the OLT. This makes GPON an attractive option for service providers wanting to replace copper networks with fibre, particularly in high-density urban areas.

GPON also enables service providers to deliver more cost-effective capacity to carry bandwidth-intensive applications. GPON provides a future-proof mode of access. The terminal equipment limits the speed of the broadband connection rather than the fibre itself.

OSA - GPON proven benefits

GPON’s proven benefits across multiple verticals

By now it’s clear: GPON delivers a better overall user experience. In fact, GPON ticks almost every box when it comes to its proven benefits across multiple verticals. These proven benefits include:

Less physical equipment required

GPON fibre is a fraction of the size of traditional copper cables, meaning less space is required to run the cabling through your building.

GPON eliminates the need for multiple comms rooms full of duplicated infrastructure. And because GPON only uses one cable, instead of multiple cables, GPON technology also reduces spatial requirements for cable pathways by up to 80%.

This means a GPON network is cheaper and quicker to construct. The cabling and splitters of a typical GPON cost 40 to 50% less than copper access lines.

Also, thanks to the extended signal reach, you don’t need as much signal-boosting equipment. As a result, you can install fewer server rooms and equipment to sustain your business’s network requirements.

OSA - Safe technology

Safe technology and lower maintenance requirements

GPON delivers greater network security with fewer interruptions to the service. Powerful security measures at the physical layer, data layer and the end-user port greatly reduce or eliminate the potential for Denial of Service (DDoS), redirects or other malicious attacks.

More bandwidth delivered more efficiently

GPON offers higher bandwidth delivery – it has a 2.4 Gbps downstream capacity and a 1.2 Gbps upstream capacity. It uses larger, variable-length packets to transmit data and employs frame segmentation to give higher quality for voice and video traffic.

The passive optical splitters provide higher efficiency by allowing each fibre optic strand to split into 32 signals that can serve up to 128 copper end ports. For larger businesses, scalability enables you to provide a seamless path up to 40 Gbps without upgrading the cabling. Such speeds are inconceivable for copper wires, especially over a great distance.

OSA - Switching to GPON

Lower cost

Switching to GPON enables many short and long-term cost savings. GPON is the lowest cost network infrastructure available in the market, using 80% less copper and 60% less power than traditional networks.

With GPON there are also lower training, maintenance, installation and operational costs. At the same time, GPON extends the lifecycle of network infrastructure.

GPON fibre is also substantially lighter, affording huge cost savings for larger projects and transport of cabling.

Environmentally friendly

GPON doesn’t have strict operating temperature requirements.

This means businesses use less electricity and air conditioning and can boost their Green Star Rating. GPON utilises fibre optic cabling, which is made from glass that can be recycled.

As well as using up to 90% less copper and up to 60% less power than traditional networks, ongoing environment benefits include up to 90% reduction in air-conditioning requirements.

OSA - Planning your service network

Planning your service network with the market leaders of GPON

Bringing fibre to customers allows greater data speeds and efficiency. It’s never been more important to invest in a future-proof network that supports innovation and growth… and with GPON, the future of cable network infrastructure is already here.

However, it’s important to do careful research and planning to decide the best approach to your service network.

Because of our dedicated customer service, staging process and investment in R&D labs, OSA is ready to help customers stay one step ahead in the networking field.

OSA - Market leaders of turn-key GPON solutions

Market leaders of turnkey GPON solutions

OSA is the market leader of GPON technology distribution in Australia. With our independent Australian ownership, we’re in a unique position to offer our integration and installation partners and customers a best-in-class GPON solution.

We can select products and components based on our clients’ requirements, as well as help educate our clients and ensure that the end result is satisfactory.

OSA’s staging process allows us to create a bespoke network for our clients, built to the exacting and specific requirements of their particular network.

When we discuss GPON with our clients, we assist in designing how each component works, where parts should be situated and what the best split ratio is for their specific needs. Essentially, we deliver a working solution that is also the most affordable solution.

Unlike any other networking and distribution company in Australia, we have the R&D capabilities to future proof infrastructure, so our clients can create a five-year or even a ten-year plan, with the certainty that their infrastructure is future-proofed.

Our R&D facilities provide us with an advantage over our competitors, allowing us to test and engineer solutions that are really forward thinking.

As Australia’s No. 1 independently owned designer and distributor of world class network solutions, we’re ready to drive the market in innovation.

At OSA, we can help deliver a better user experience: higher bandwidth capacity; substantial short and long-term cost savings; safer, faster, greener, space-saving and future-proofed technology…

Contact us to find out more.

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