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At OSA, we are committed to delivering high-quality, reliable and future-proof industrial networking solutions. We have supplied communications products and critical Wired and Wireless network solutions across multiple industries for decades.

Our longevity in the industrial networking space allows us to understand the need for robust industrial networking technology. At OSA, we strive to provide essential applications where the delivery of data is critical. Such applications mostly exist in industry operations in arduous environments of extreme temperature and where vibration, dust and electromagnetic interference can challenge the end goal of delivering constant connectivity.

We showcase our service capability in the industrial networking space, particularly in the Mining and Resources, ITS (Transport) and the Security and Surveillance industries.

We also highlight our vendor partnership with RADWIN, a leader in wireless connectivity, and how our supply of RADWIN products further benefits industrial networking industries.

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OSA’s service capability in the industrial networking space

OSA provides pre-sales and delivery of fixed data wireless solutions, especially within Mining and Resources, ITS (Transport) and Security and Surveillance.

Our service capability in these sectors has grown in the last 18 months with partnerships alongside key vendors to further strengthen our positions in <6Ghz Fixed Data/ Broadband, Cellular M2M and IIoT.

Our investment in local stock and pre-sales technical capabilities provides our clients with a fit-for-purpose solution and quick deliverables at a very competitive price with reduced site and commissioning times.

Our commitment to investment is supported nationally by OSA’s factory trained engineers in support centres located in Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth.

Radwin communications products

Our strong partnership with RADWIN

One of OSA’s flagship vendors is RADWIN Communications, a leader in innovation and reliable fixed data wireless radio technologies.

RADWIN delivers technological innovations that go beyond the limits of wireless connectivity. RADWIN is regarded by Tier-1 carriers as the trusted partner for wireless broadband solutions for applications including enterprise and residential broadband access.

Backhaul, private network connectivity, video surveillance transmission as well as delivering broadband for trains and metros, RADWIN delivers fibre-like connectivity, speed and reliability.

As we collaborate with RADWIN, OSA serves as a strong local channel partner who can demonstrate, communicate and deliver key technical points of difference that the RADWIN solution offers. It’s our strong partnership with RADWIN that enables us to provide robust, reliable and high-quality solutions in the industrial networking field.

With RADWIN as our go-to partner for real-time bandwidth-hungry services, our customers in the industrial networking space can stay one step ahead of the digital game any time… every time.

Radwin applications industrial networking

Industry applications and products

Across Australia, RADWIN is trusted by clients to operate continuously and reliably some of the most arduous environments including iron ore mining applications for Rio Tinto in the Pilbara regions of Western Australia. From high speed ITS Rail systems through to metro nLOS applications critical in security and surveillance systems.

In addition, RADWIN is globally focused on Smart City initiatives. RADWIN R&D teams recently released two new product lines to streamline application engineering and solution delivery. With the release of the Smart-Node and the soon to be released MultiSector Base Stations with 2 or 4 quadrant sector Antenna technologies.

OSA’s partnership with RADWIN enables us to point our customers to innovative, streamlined and robust technologies that are beneficial to the industrial networking field.

Radwin smart node product

Smart-Node: the world’s first all-in-one power and communications solution

RADWIN’s Smart-Node is an outdoor power and communication solution that reduces costs and accelerates the roll-out of smart-city, IoT and telecom projects.

The all-in-one Smart-Node solution offers a wide variety of power and networking interfaces including fibre and an array of radio technologies to connect multiple devices such as CCTV cameras, Wi-Fi access points and IoT sensors.

Bridging the gap between broadband and IoT applications, Smart-Node enables easy integration with 3rd party devices to support multiple applications ranging from city surveillance, smart-lighting, waste management, smart-metering and more.

Smart-Node is a remarkably compact, IP-67 protection grade solution that guarantees low visual impact for street level deployments and high reliability when exposed to extreme temperatures and tough environments.

RADWIN’s soon to be released Multi Sector base station is a compact 5.x GHz dual-carrier base station that can support up to 4 antennas: two integrated, and two external. Each carrier feeds one integrated and one external antenna and boosts them with up to 750Mbps net throughput.

The integrated 90˚antennas together cover 180˚. The external antennas are connected to the base station over TNC connectors, either as a self-backhaul or as sector antennas, extending the coverage up to 360˚. The Multi Sector base station includes a built in GPS receiver and antenna for TDD synchronization. It is connected to the WAN over single PoE or SFP.

Industrial networking solutions

Offering comprehensive and flexible solutions

Whether the application is a cost competitive Point-to-Point or a complex high throughput nLOS Point-to-Multi Point, OSA can provide a solution that’s on budget.

At the core of OSA’s philosophy is our strong, values-based culture that focuses less on what we do, and more on how we do it.

Our vision is to be the market leader in product selection and project delivery, achieved through the quality of our people and the strength of our relationships with clients, partners and stakeholders.

Our Industrial Networks Business Unit is established to focus on critical Wired and Wireless network solutions specific to the requirements of industries including Mining & Resources, Energy, Utilities, Infrastructure, Transport, Security & Surveillance and Building Management Systems.

Our solution is not limited to the selection and distribution of factory direct technologies, but includes pre-sales system design, project staging, and ongoing after sale technical support services provided nationally by factory trained engineers. Our partnerships with our clients mean we deliver a high performance, reliable and future-proof industrial network.

For all data communications and networking systems, contact us to meet your industrial networking challenges.

Read our full Industrial Networking Solutions Capability statement.


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