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Testing Laboratory

The only distributor in our class with dedicated in-house R&D laboratories

We are fiercely proud to be the only Communications, Networking and Security distributor in Australia with dedicated research and development labs across three states, purpose built for rigorous testing of complex new products for the Australian and international markets.

We know our investment in dynamic and world class R&D testing facilities gives us a distinct advantage, and in this field we’re top of the class.

We remain one step ahead of our competitors as we continue to drive the market through innovation.


OSA - Delivering proven technology

Delivering tested, proven technology

Our laboratories in Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth have been in operation for over a decade. Our staff are specialists in their field and the best in the country. Our investment in dynamic and world class R&D testing facilities gives us a distinct advantage, and we remain one step ahead of our competitors and continue to drive the market through innovation.

Our team specialises in:

With five full-time engineers nationwide and a national engineering manager Cisco CCIE certified, our decades of networking experience means our clients are confident that we understand the importance of delivering proven technology.

Lab testing delivers certainty

Lab testing delivers certainty to your networks

Our customers benefit from our meticulously tested solutions and dedicated engineers who are consistently at the cutting edge of technology and beyond.

Our $1 million investment in our equipment provides our OSA engineers with hands-on experience and the resources to troubleshoot customer issues.

OSA- Our Capability

Our capability is your gain

Vigorous product testing means we are able to sell leading products for a particular technology. It’s a core capability and in this space, OSA stands alone.

The OSA National Testing Laboratory has been a huge benefit to our customers and to several global companies. Engineering resources from Aruba Networking, Teleste, Luxriot, Calix and Microsens have remotely connected to the OSA lab to test new product features, or to rectify bugs. The ability to connect remotely means speedy fixes and improved processes.

OSA - A Success and more to come

A decade of success … and more to come

Over the past decade, the OSA lab has been home to many project deliveries across many market verticals including:

  • Networking
  • CCTV
  • Hospitality
A decade of success

Our lab has been involved with many impressive projects including:

  • UNSW CISCO – Active switches
  • Walsh Bay Piers – ARUBA active switches
  • Military Vehicle Centre of Excellence – ARUBA active switches
  • Herston Quarter Health Precinct – ARUBA active switches
  • Cherbourg City – CCTV
  • Townsville Police Station Watchhouse – CCTV
Each project stands alone

Each project stands alone

Whether you have a single camera suited to the environment, a project encompassing thousands of cameras or a single 8 port switch, customers and clients benefit from our national laboratory testing, for any project size and budget.

Our clients can always rely on us to be one step ahead and proactively look forward to rapid changes in technology.

A measure of success

A measure of success

From concept through to the lab … configuring, documenting and testing the purchased system makes the project truly plug and play, providing a successful outcome.

We engineer cutting-edge network solutions that will continue to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations, both now and into the future.

Learn more about our R&D facilities here.

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