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Reliable Industrial networks globally

Reliable Industrial networks globally

Korenix Technology’s high-quality wired and wireless networking solutions deliver reliable industrial networks for a range of vertical markets, including surveillance, machine-to-machine (M2M), automation, remote monitoring and transportation.

Their industrial Ethernet switches and Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) technology delivers efficient video sequence data to control centres for analysis either in real time or after an event occurs.

And Korenix Technology’s products deliver cutting-edge solutions globally across various vertical markets. Their reach has significantly improved surveillance systems in Spain, Iraq, Switzerland, and of course, nationally.

Supplying industrial networking products

Supplying industrial networking products

OSA is the sole Australian distributor for Korenix Technology, a global leading designer and manufacturer of innovative industrial networking products.

OSA supplies the entire Korenix range, including industrial Ethernet switches, PoE switches, wireless and cellular solutions, network management software and more.

Our partnership with Korenix Technology has given customers valuable resources, meaning our customers trust Korenix Technology’s quality, solutions and effectiveness. We are proud to partner with a leading technology company that puts its customers and their safety first.

Innovative surveillance solutions across the globe

Innovative surveillance solutions across the globe

Due to emerging technological innovations, IP video surveillance on public transport (such as buses, trams, railroad and metro) has become vital for reducing crime and vandalism.

And because Korenix Technology is the world leader in IP surveillance network, they are dedicated to developing the most innovative and state-of-the-art products to ensure video transmission quality and reliability for various vertical markets.

Korenix Technology products are now being used globally across a diverse range of markets, enabling Korenix Technology to deliver world-class solutions and networks without compromising quality and efficiency.

Spain, Metro Bilbao

Spain, Metro Bilbao

At the heart of any city is public safety, and Korenix Technology has successfully integrated PoE switches and wireless access points in Metro Bilbao’s railway subway carriages in Spain.

More than 700 JetNet 6710G-M12 High Power PoE switches and 100 JetWave 2450 wireless access points are installed in Metro Bilbao’s subway carriages. With reliable connectors travelling to wireless access points, a secure Wi-Fi connection is established between stations and depots, ensuring real-time video and data communication.

This means Metro Bilbao now has access to real-time, high speed and bandwidth efficient video and digital data communication from moving carriages straight to the control centre, monitoring train operation and track status to prevent accidents on the railways.

Now commuters can enjoy their security, thanks to Korenix Technology’s high-speed and efficient real-time metro surveillance cameras.

Korenix Technology is proud to help protect citizens from terrorism and theft, as well as preventing sabotage and vandalism in Metro Bilbao.

Iraq, Basra Sports City

Iraq, Basra Sports City

High-quality surveillance cameras are a must in important metro locations. Surveillance cameras need reliable network infrastructure and fast recovery to monitor sites accurately and quickly recover footage straight to management systems.

In the south of Iraq, the Basra Sports City is a major sports complex. Basra contains two large stadiums, training fields and hotels. Basra attracts over 100,000 people to its venues, quickly becoming a critical location for security.

Project managers were challenged to secure reliable network infrastructure with minimal downtime and fast recovery. In rapidly developing moments like natural disasters or dangerous events, reliable quality and high-speed data connections are vital…

However, with Korenix Technology’s Ring and PoE switches, high-definition IP cameras are installed in essential safety locations including main gates, building entrances, parking lots, seating areas, corridors and storage rooms.

The JetNet 6059G, JetNet 6059G-w and JetCon 3401G V2 provide reliable network solutions, connecting long distances between buildings and the central monitor room.

With quality features including optimised IGMP snooping performance, flexible SFP fibre transceiver design and railway certification EN50121-4 compliance, Korenix Technology’s powerful products are reliable and efficient.

Not even the hot summers can interfere with the quality of Korenix Technology’s surveillance cameras – they work reliably in temperatures higher than 60 degrees Celsius!

JetNet 6059G, JetNet 6059G-w and JetCon 3401G V2 successfully solved the issue of heavy power supply and provided reliable network infrastructure at Basra. Thanks to Korenix Technology’s world-class surveillance cameras, Basra can safely monitor its citizens, without compromising quality.

Switzerland, Belchen Tunnel Project

Switzerland, Belchen Tunnel Project

Intelligent transportation systems are an integral element in the operation of roadway tunnels, which allow the implementation of emergency strategies efficiently and expeditiously.

However, remote monitoring through high-end cameras, real-time information and high megapixel data transmission require the deployment of high bandwidth networking solutions.

Moreover, they should have a stable design to withstand the unfavourable conditions in tunnels, such as vibration, power and temperature variations.

The JetNet 3705 Industrial Unmanaged PoE switch has been used inside the Belchen Tunnel in Switzerland, delivering reliable PoE power delivery and working well under a wide range of operation temperature, as it is well-suited for the temperature variations in tunnels.

Designed with IP31 protection against heavy dust in tunnels and high C/P value, the JetNet 3705 successfully updates the traffic surveillance system and power monitoring, to ensure real-time data and video communication are sent to control systems.

Helping the world one solution at a time

Helping the world one solution at a time

A video surveillance system in metro railways, urban sports complexes and public transport plays a major role in helping reduce urban crime and vandalism.

With Korenix Technology, your security is their utmost importance. You can rely on their powerful, efficient, reliable and safe products that make surveillance and networking solutions so simple.

Korenix Technology’s innovative and state of the art products ensure video transmission quality and reliability for a range of vertical markets.

OSA supplies the entire range of Korenix Technology products, which are available to order through any of our Australia-wide network of warehouses.

Learn more about Korenix Technology’s products here.

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