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Time poor? Looking for technical support? Need to be competitive on price and speed? Can’t afford to wait for stock to be ordered in?

CCTV installation manager and contractors

We understand the problems installation managers face

We’ve been entrusted with supply, design and support services for some of Australia’s largest infrastructure and telecommunications projects. We’re also passionate about delivering exceptional service to customers and projects of all sizes. We understand the needs of the local installation manager and contractors.

This is why every state in Australia has its own fully stocked warehouse with trade counters strategically positioned to be accessible on main transport routes and near airports.

Our trade counters are staffed by locals with technical expertise, who really understand the specific needs of that particular market.

fiber connectors

We support our trade contractors

Because we are a wholesaler, we never sell directly to the end users. Instead we support our resellers by ensuring all of our equipment sales go through contractors.

We also provide technical training and resources in every branch, including screens with scrolling demonstrations of new products and highly-trained and knowledgeable staff. Many of our contractors refer to us as their “outsourced engineering department”!

We understand our installation managers don’t have the time to keep abreast of all of the latest developments in technology, so we do it all for them, saving them both time and money.

CCTV installation manager and contractors

We help increase invoice value

We don’t sell cheap products. We have the buying power that allows us to offer major brands from quality companies at highly competitive prices. Regardless of the size of the client’s purchase order.

We also help increase invoice value by keeping abreast of new technologies that allow the job to be done faster, better and cheaper.

In fact our range of product and depth of experience has helped many small businesses look bigger and more capable than they actually are, enabling them to grow into much bigger businesses.

fiber optic connectors and installation manager

We build relationships and get to know our clients

Our reputation for delivering the right material at the right time and at the right price means clients keep coming back to us, job after job, time after time.

We get to know and anticipate their needs, ensuring our warehouses are always fully stocked with the products they require, ready to be delivered onsite at a moment’s notice.

We never compete with them… instead we help them to grow their businesses.

That’s the way we like to do business… and it seems our customers like it too!

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