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We are adapting to the changing circumstances quickly. As the world continues to react to the events unfolding before us, flexible work models are becoming increasingly necessary and are in greater demand than ever before. And as more people work from home, it’s inevitable that unique business continuity challenges will emerge as we all adapt to the changing landscape.

It’s more important now than ever to implement appropriate measures to assist thousands of people working from home. But how can project managers, engineers, dispatchers or electricians continue to work from home and have safe, quick access to their company network?

With OSA’s new partnership with Zyxel, we can continue to support companies with an all-round service so people can work efficiently and safely from their homes.

Providing a safe and quick home office for everyone

At OSA, we are fiercely proud to partner with an organisation that is passionate about providing reliable network solutions to customers, remote workforces and supporting commerce globally.

Zyxel provides a world class suite of network solutions to help meet the challenges in small to medium enterprises, CCTV security, and across multiple verticals. Zyxel also provides leading-edge solutions in networking, wireless, cyber security and SD-WAN cloud based network solutions. Our partnership with Zyxel means we can support Zyxel to help set up firewalls and secure connections to company networks.

Access files and software safely and securely

Access files and software safely and securely

Through the use of Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology, all employees can securely access all relevant files and company software stored on the corporate network from their home.

This is a protected, encrypted tunnel on the Internet that prevents third parties from gaining unauthorised access to the sensitive company information transmitted there.

A small firewall in the home office offers even more protection: it fends off all possible dangers that could arise in times of crisis such as attacks by ransomware or pests that are hidden in the home network.

Securing our customers’ networks

Securing our customers’ networks

At OSA, we are committed to helping our customers secure their networks and protect business security efficiently. Our partnership with Zyxel puts us at the forefront of offering businesses secured remote connections and reliability.

Through the use of VPN technology, all employees are able to work safely and conveniently from their home office. Zyxel’s VPN solutions offer a flexible, easy-to-use, and easy-to-manage solution that provides mobile, distributed users with secure, fast, and reliable remote access to corporate resources.

This means our customers can have peace of mind and the confidence that their online security is always safe and protected. Our partnership with Zyxel means we can help strengthen customer security by blocking access to malicious or risky websites and prevent malware downloads from compromised or hacked websites.

Improve business continuity

Are you ready to improve business continuity?

Keep your business and remote workers’ networks running smoothly without downtime by protecting your network from outside threats. Safeguard your critical data from the prying eyes of outside attackers with OSA.

As Australia’s number one independently owned designer and distributor of world class network solutions, we are here to help.

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