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The future proof capabilities of OSAs VMS CCTV

OSA is the value added distributor of high quality IP CCTV system solutions, designed to fit a variety of business needs across a wide range of markets.

At OSA we don’t just design, develop and distribute individual VMS CCTV components.

As industry leaders in GPON technology and the only Australian communications, networking and security distributor with our own research and development labs, we work with security contractors to help take the guesswork out of creating end-to-end, flexible, future-proofed and secure CCTV systems.

Our system design capabilities, understanding of the individual components of a CCTV system and our experience in delivering entire CCTV systems enable us to help security contractors achieve the highest level of security and coverage for their client’s budget.

But what makes our VMS solutions so flexible and secure? With our own research and development labs and various vertical markets that we’re influencing, OSA is uniquely positioned to provide future-proofed systems and turn-key solutions for every type of CCTV system.

Research and development labs

OSA’s research and development labs

At OSA, we understand the importance of research and development to deliver proven technology. We are the only communications, networking and security distributor in Australia to have dedicated research and development labs, as well as system design and staging capabilities.

This means we work tirelessly with security contractors to help take the guesswork out of creating end-to-end, flexible, future-proofed and secure CCTV systems. We know it’s incredibly difficult to test infrastructure… and incredibly expensive if you get it wrong!

System Engineer, Cameron Stewart, says, “The main thing that our competitors lack is a research and development lab. Any other distributor can sell a VMS product. But the advantage you get from buying VMS from OSA is that you get the backing of an R&D lab, to know that the VMS product you’re purchasing is tested and verified.”

Substantial investment in R&D

Our substantial investment in R&D minimises uncertainty for our clients and allows us to engineer and test infrastructure on their behalf. Not only that, but we save our clients millions of dollars with our forward-thinking, innovative designs.

Business Development Manager, Ian Colquhoun, says, “We test every bit of the product before we go ahead with it. If we’re moving into a new camera model or need to add something to our range, we get a couple of samples built and we test them in the lab.

“We put them up against our other cameras and our competitors’ cameras and evaluate them. We won’t add a product unless they’ve gone through testing and it’s what we expect. That’s where our lab really excels.”

R&D capabilities

Cameron says, “There are also additional benefits from buying through OSA. We can design your system for you if you don’t have a full understanding of what you require. We can also configure that system for you. We also provide exceptional support ongoing afterwards as well.”

Unlike any other networking and distribution company in Australia, OSA has the R&D capabilities to future proof infrastructure, so our clients can create a 5 year or even a 10-year plan with certainty.

Vertical markets

Vertical markets

OSA’s years of experience helping security contractors create end-to-end CCTV systems have given us a real understanding of the security needs of a wide range of market verticals.

In response to these market needs, we’ve designed and developed our VMS CCTV products to provide security contractors with a comprehensive range of video management solutions, including entire CCTV systems, IP cameras, network video recorders, CCTV management systems and mounting and accessories.

OSA’s VMS CCTV solutions deliver customised, integrated security solutions that help federal, state or local governments protect the public and make them feel safer, as well as providing security for government staff who have direct contact with the public.

Protects valuable government

It also protects valuable government and community assets and infrastructure and enables monitoring and management of government services.

Ian says, “We’re covering markets such as government, councils, hotels, and resort type environments. We’ve been able to reach these markets because we provide interfaces that other manufacturers just aren’t providing.”

Cameron says, Luxriot gives us the unique capability of expanding to a very big distributor system like councils. We’re reaching big geographical areas that require a system that can be managed from one location.

“By spreading software across different councils, they can share information and data. This allows us to accelerate towards different vertical markets.”

The future of VMS

The future of VMS

The Internet of Things is where the future of CCTV is going and because OSA is such a strong networking and engineering company we are very strong in that space. Our GPON networks are the fibre backbone on which the Internet of Things is based.

OSA’s partnerships with Vivotek, Korenix, HP, Luxriot and other Tier 1 brands means that we have the latest technologies in IP cameras, video management, networking and analytics.

Ian says, “We’ve proven time and time again that our cameras outperform some of the most expensive cameras in the market.”


R&D labs and equipment

Our significant investment in our R&D labs and equipment, as well as our qualified engineers, allow us to provide an additional service that none of our competitors can compete with, including pre-sales support, system design, configuration and testing, pre-staging and post-sales support.

Cameron says, “The R&D lab will always be on a forward-looking position. We are constantly scouring and asking existing vendors for what’s new and get it into our lab as soon as possible, even before it gets to the market.”

Ian says, “It’s all about ongoing testing and ongoing development with the manufacturers. If we can assist customers by reducing costs and help them transition to newer technology, that’s a huge benefit for customers.

“Replacing an entire CCTV system can be very expensive. Being able to do it as a staged and planned upgrade over a period of time because someone like us can provide the technology, that’s huge.”


Provide end-to-end solutions

We are well positioned to look at the total solution, and we work with our partners to provide end to end solutions that deliver fantastic outcomes for our customers…

…future-proofed, IP CCTV solutions that will deliver a real return on investment and meet the security needs of your business both now and as technologies evolve and the needs of your business change.

Our R&D facilities and the markets we’re impacting provide us with an unfair advantage over our competitors, allowing us to test and engineer solutions that are really forward thinking.

This also gives our clients an unfair advantage too, knowing they can rely on us to always be one step ahead of the rest and proactively look forward, rather than playing catch-up to changes in technology.

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