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EOFY Sale 2019

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Type 72C Fusion Splicer kit price
Sumitomo Electric - Type 72C

Sumitomo Electric

  • Fastest splicer in the world – Splicing 5s / Heating 9s
  • Industry first – Dual independent high speed ovens
  • Industry No. 1 – Splicing loss SMF 0.01dB (Typical)
  • Most accurate loss estimation performance
  • Forgiving splicer – Works with badly cleaved fibres
  • Most accurate fibre identification
  • Compact, lightweight and toughest HD core alignment fusion splicer
  • 5” wide and high resolution touch optimised display
  • Long life battery for 300 splice & heat cycles
  • Industry’s most efficient splicing/heating programs and data/image storage

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  • Fully automated, one-step process: Automatic fibre connection detection, Auto image centring, Automated focus adjustment and optimisation, Automatic capture, Automated pass/fail analysis, Automatic reporting
  • On-board connector end-face analysis (IEC, IPC or custom standards) via ConnectorMax2
  • Pass/fail LED indicator for immediate diagnosis
  • Optimal digital image quality with three levels of magnification

FIP-430B – Call your local branch to upgrade to a wireless probe

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  • 7” high resolution touchscreen – the widest on the market
  • Leading FasTest performances: 100% automated bidirectional test at two wavelengths under 5 seconds
  • Onboard assistant and diagnosis to eliminate reference errors and negative loss
  • Built-in Encircled-Flux (EF) compliancy as per ANSI/TIA and ISO/IEC
  • 100% automated fibre inspection: one-step process with pass/fail analysis at both ends of the fibre
  • Certifies against multiple standards at once
  • Onboard professional PDF reporting
  • Results batch processing with FastReporter software
  • Best-in-class SM distance range of 200km
  • Three-year warranty and calibration interval
MAX-945-iCERT QUAD kit – $ 21,244 +GST

Includes: 2x MAX-945-iCERT Quad (850/1300/1310/1550nm) testers, Wi-Fi & Bluetooth connectivity, VFL’s 2x Wireless inspection probes, FastReporter2 licence, 2x Rigid carrying cases

MAX-945 Tri-SM kit – $ 21,616 +GST

Includes: 2x MAX-945-SM3 (1310/1550/1625nm) testers, WiFi & Bluetooth connectivity, 2x Wireless inspection probes, FastReporter3 licence, 2x Rigid carrying cases

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EXFO - FTB-1v2-OTDR Kit-
  • Accurately pinpoint faulty connectors or fibre breaks on short spans thanks to its optimised multimode performances
  • Event dead zone as low as 0.7m and attenuation dead zone of 3m
  • Either Tri-SM (1310/1550/1625nm) or QUAD (850/1300/1310/1550nm) unit
  • Encircled-Flux (EF) ready: use with external launch mode conditioner for EF-compliant multimode results
  • Test through high-port-count splitters (up to 1×128) on Tri-SM unit
  • User-friendly GUI and Windows 10 operating system
QUAD OTDR kit – $ 16,266 +GST

Includes: FTB-1v2 mainframe, Quad OTDR module (850/1300/1310/1550nm), Wi-Fi & Bluetooth connectivity, Wireless inspection probe, FastReporter3 licence, Rigid carrying case carrying case

Tri-SM OTDR kit – $ 17,360 +GST

Includes: FTB-1v2 mainframe, Tri-SM OTDR module (1310/1550/1625nm), Wi-Fi & Bluetooth connectivity, Wireless inspection probe, FastReporter3 licence, Rigid carrying case

Order now before June 30, 2019, and don’t miss out on some great deals from OSA’s world-class range of products.

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