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As part of its Darling Harbour Live initiative the New South Wales (NSW) Government revitalized Sydney’s entertainment and exhibition precinct, the Darling Harbour Exhibition and Convention centre. As well as rebuilding the existing exhibition and convention facilities the project also encompassed construction of a new theatre and a 35-storey hotel.

The government needed a fiber optic network infrastructure that could be installed and implemented with speed. It also had to be future proofed, providing a scaleable path for both current and future network needs. This project provided the ideal opportunity and platform for collaboration and innovation.

Optical Solutions Australia (OSA) partnered with SFJV (Stowe/Fredon Joint Venture), EXFO and CommScope to supply the copper cabling, cabinets and digital fibre backbone for this project, as well as network testing with the on-site installation technicians.

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John Brumec, Project Director for SFJV (Stowe/Fredon Joint Venture) explains how OSA helped “de-risk” the project for SFJV.

“Right from the start OSA de-risked our involvement in this PPP contract.

“There was a rigid tender process and OSA won the tender because they had the most compliant and comprehensive bill of materials in terms of brief, specs and scope.

“OSA understood and were able to work within the specific constraints of this project, which included logistical constraints (the job site measured 1km x ½ km), labour constraints (there were over 250 people working on the job), and purchasing constraints.”

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“This project certainly had a lot of challenging in scope requirements that could be easily be misinterpreted. We’d worked with Dennis Zilic and the team at OSA before so we knew they had the necessary skills to understand the brief, resolve any problems that might occur, and to always supply the right resources for the job.”

“OSA’s ability to always deliver on time was really crucial to the success of this job. They provided consistency throughout the entire project and quickly come up with alternative solutions if something didn’t work.”

The network needed to be designed to support a wide range of services, from audiovisual to building management to typical Ethernet protocols, which is why the design was always based around supporting a minimum of 10G BASE-LR for the fiber network.

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All fiber used in the network also needed to comply with the Singlemode OS2 specification. Internal cables were tight-buffered low-smoke, zero-halogen (LSZH), with external cable links using loose tube cables. The average link length was around 200 m.

Because the project progressed so quickly, the new network had to be tested and delivered as soon as possible. As a result, the solutions had to be easy to use and require minimal training.

The onboarding process took less than four weeks thanks to OSA working on-site with CommScope and EXFO during the proof of concept stage to provide the baseline, show how to use the solutions and assist in updates and upgrades as the project progressed.

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“OSA’s testing was another crucial aspect of this project’s success. Dennis provided the test tools and issued the certificates. OSA also provided product training on the test equipment used for the fibre optic and the copper cabling, and OSA tested the network with the onsite technicians.”

OSA in collaboration with CommScope used EXFO’s optical loss test set (OLTS), optical time-domain reflectometer (OTDR) and fully automated fiber inspection probes (FIPs) to address the particular network testing challenges of this job.

Thanks to the easy-to-use, high-quality and robust testing solutions, the project was delivered on time and on budget.

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Not only was network testing accelerated with the on-site installation technicians, but unparalleled testing accuracy ensured superior network performance.

Being able to complete the testing within the project timeline had a huge impact on the overall project delivery and added up to significant cost reductions. The ability to test fiber cabling quickly, easily and accurately was exactly what was required of this project.

“OSA were a flexible partner and the sustainability of the equipment they supplied will contribute to reducing testing times for all future projects.”

“I would definitely partner with OSA again and recommend them without hesitation.”

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