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We help our consultant partners to deliver cost effective, high quality and proven design solutions.

Our investment in research and development means we have the technical expertise to construct a real life version of data sheets, and the capability to engineer and design solutions.

And because we’re constantly working at the cutting edge of technology we’re always up to date and abreast of works and latest developments

We’re a conduit to information, saving our consultant partners huge amounts of time because we act as a funnel to reach hundreds of different vendors.

Network Solutions & Distribution Consultants

We mitigate risk with our technical expertise, which enables us to prove all the critical components of a design via pre-staging in our labs.

At OSA we’re the only Network Solutions & Distribution Company with our own research and development labs, which means we have the technical capabilities to engineer and deliver cost effective high quality solutions that add value and reduce risk.

We turn technical design into human speak and we deliver the truth.

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