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OSA is your one-stop shop for calibration, repair and maintenance services.

Our national service centres support and provide these services Australia-wide.

Return your equipment to your local OSA branch (six nationwide) and we will handle the rest for you.

At Optical Solutions Australia we meet EXFO’s and Sumitomo’s high standards.


Calibration services

Optical Solutions Australia will verify and adjust all the parameters that ensure the optimal performance of your EXFO products.

Calibrations include connector replacements (if necessary).

Our technicians have been trained at EXFO to ensure we meet EXFO’s high standards.

We use EXFO calibration and verification equipment and we always use genuine spare parts.

Repair and maintenance services

Repair and maintenance services

We use genuine spare parts from EXFO and Sumitomo in all our repairs.

All repairs, upgrades and maintenance services follow manufacturers’ procedures and recommendations…

ensuring we meet EXFO’s and Sumitomo’s high standards.

Research Dev

OSA's expertise

Our team shares a combination of technical knowledge, commitment to service, ongoing relationships with customers and awareness of industry developments.

Our technicians have been trained by the experts at EXFO and Sumitomo to use their supplied calibration and verification equipment.

Our clients trust us with their calibration and maintenance services because we know their equipment.

CCTV camera test and Engineer solutions

Your one stop shop

Our Australia-wide service centres offer calibration, repair and maintenance services near your place of business.

Our highly trained staff have the technical expertise, product depth and knowledge to immediately know the right tools for the job.

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