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OSA at ANZ Ruckus Solutions Awards

We are proud to announce that OSA was recognised at the ANZ Ruckus Solutions Awards.

OSA received the Specialist Distributor award and we are so excited to accomplish such an incredible achievement.

OSA is extremely proud to be recognised for our substantial distribution across Australia, as well as our association with Commscope and Ruckus.

OSA’s Business Development Manager, Sean Serin, said it was an honour to be recognised by the wireless vendor.

“I’m really proud that OSA is now recognised as an ANZ Ruckus Specialist Distributor. We are looking forward to providing our customers with the complete Ruckus range along with our other Commscope product offerings.

OSA’s unique take on product distribution coupled with our ability to offer Complete Solution Engineering, research and development labs, engineered open-source systems and maintenance and repair provide our customers with a total one-stop-shop.

We offer localised market knowledge, highly personalised over-the-counter service and rapid delivery to site. We’re more than just a distributor; we want to be known for our complete support and expert knowledge in the field.”

CommScope with Ruckus is one of OSA’s select group of world-class vendors who work in partnership with OSA to create bespoke, future-proofed integrated network solutions for our clients.

CommScope’s core values align with OSA’s passion for distribution, investment in research and technology, commitment to innovation and ability to provide turnkey network solutions across a wide range of market verticals.

By helping customers meet the need for greater energy efficiency, ever-increasing productivity and faster, more reliable data, our market-defining technologies and engineering expertise are setting the pace for the future of connectivity.

Distribtuion experts

At our very core, we’re distribution experts and we’re driven by a passion for distribution.

We use a team of experienced couriers to ensure speedy and secure delivery of products to our clients… and we’ll even come out and deliver on site in person ourselves if it’s really urgent.

Every branch of OSA has its own warehouse and trade counter staffed by our team of highly trained, local customer service and support staff.

We provide knowledge, training and advice to empower our accredited partners and resellers…

…and help them grow their businesses, too.

We pride ourselves on being the largest independently owned distributor in our space, which enables us to provide world class solutions to the Australian market without risk or favour.

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