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Evan Waugh

Branch Manager, ACT

Evan’s incredible knowledge of the technical is equally matched by the importance he places on customer relationships.

Because we are a small group, our ACT branch is really unique. Canberra is a government town and most of our work is government related. We get to know our customers really well because it’s such a small place.

Recommending the best quality products that meet standard compliance requirements, and engineering solutions for our customers is just one part of my job. Streamlining our warehouse has been a focus recently which helps to control our stock and the delivery of prodcuts to our customers, this can be a real cost saving to our customers knowing we can house and distribute their goods easily and quickly

“Our customers come back to OSA time and time again because of the level of support they know we  provide. 

Even if we’re not the cheapest quote we usually win the tender because our customers know that after the installation is done we also provide incredible technical support and training, ensuring they always feel comfortable with using the products we promote.”

“And as for distribution and supply of product? Justyn, our internal sales and warehouse organiser is an absolute terrier. He’s really the best in the business in chasing gear and his knowledge of copper distribution systems is incredible. With Rowan coming on board our technical ability has increased and with that, the support we can offer.”

When he’s not helping his client’s win tenders, Evan’s pretty busy helping his son win too. Their mutual love of motor car racing has taken them around the world to some pretty spectacular holiday destinations.

Justyn McGrath - Sales, ACT

Justyn McGrath

Sales, ACT

Having worked at OSA for just under 11 years now, Justyn’s built strong relationships with many OSA customers as well as the other OSA staff, both in the ACT branch and Australia-wide.

And for Justyn, relationships are at the very core of his work at OSA.

“Interactions with customers are my favourite part of my work. Because I look after internal sales and the front counter I get to interact with and know virtually everyone who walks into our branch. And even if I don’t know a customer when they first walk through our door they’ve usually come on recommendation from other clients.”

As well as serving clients at the OSA trade counter Justyn also looks after  the stock in the warehouse, priding himself on ensuring it is fully stocked at all times…with the products he knows his clients need.

Away from OSA, Justyn’s passions are rugby and travel, and his next trip overseas will be to follow the Wallabies tour.

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