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How many times have you exceeded the budget for modernising your communications infrastructure by having to recable? Commercial premises in Australia do not lend themselves to easily upgrading the cabling, hence the industry demanded more flexible solutions in order to keep pace with modern technologies such as the IOT explosion.

Optical Solutions are proud to offer high speed IP networking solutions for any cabling system by using carrier grade solutions with enterprise costings. Be it phone cable, MATV coaxial cabling, UTP or fibre optics, up to Gigabit to the edge speeds are possible without an expensive cable upgrade.

These IP systems are listed below as follows:

Optical Solutions have not ignored the physical layer. Through a significant investment in R&D partnerships with our vendors, alternate cabling systems that provide either a reduced space or comms and power delivery, Optical Solutions provide some of the most innovative cabling solutions in the industry. Talk to us regards before investment, you may be pleasantly surprised as to the options available to you

WDM Networks

What about my building to building, or campus to campus links? Due to the increasing popularity of using WDM, or Wavelength Division Multiplexing, options are available to manage the demands on your network. With a product range supporting Coarse and Dense Wavelength Division, whether it be Transponders or SFP‘s, EDFA’s, Raman pumps or Soliton transmission, talk to us regards all your WDM needs.

MATV Networks

Optical Solutions specialise in video management systems, whether it be for CCTV or MATV. For more information rgeards our CCTV capability , please refer to the Security Product group. The influence of IP into MATV is quite mature, but our range of MATV headends and transcoders provide both coaxial and IP based inputs and outputs, ensuring a seamless migration from legacy coaxial networks to IP based networks can now be handled without any extra cost or complexity.

Need to run over fibre? Whether it be as an overlay wavelength on FTTX networks or standalone CATV transmission networks, Optical Solutions have product in country and on the shelf to cater to your requirements. Please contact the Optical Solutions sales team for helpful advice on all of your TV transmission needs.