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Emerging Technologies

Outdoor-Cell-Site-Powered-Fiber-Cable-Solution-featurePowered Fiber Cable System

Powered fiber cable system improves speed and simplifies installation, powering, and communication with small cells, Wi-Fi access points, security cameras and other devices

This solution improves speed and simplifies installation, powering, and communication with small cells, Wi-Fi access points, security cameras and other dc-powered devices. Hybrid fiber/copper cabling and a remote powering unit correct for dc line loss, reduce the need for local utility negotiations and are NEC Class II and SELV compliant.

The PoE extender is designed to simply and easily function with the powered fiber cable system to extend the distance of PoE (Power over Ethernet) enabled devices up to 30 times greater than CAT solutions.

For legacy equipment- do you have a UTP interface on your edge device? How do you connect it? No problem! The Commscope POE extender (insert link to POE extender here) provides a Fibre-UTP conversion at the pole using an hardened IP67 rated enclosure.

For greenfield equipment- Are there fibre interfaces available for the mainstream pole mounted device? How about CCTV cameras? Or Wireless Access Points? Did you know that mainstream vendors are starting to support fibre interfaces? Look at this range of cameras (insert hyperlink to VMS fibre optic cameras) Or how about fibre connected Wireless Access Points? (insert link to Ruckus WAP)


Brochure : Powered Fibre Cable System
Datasheet : Powered Fibre Cable
Video : Powered Fibre Cable System

Introducing Rapid Fibre

Rapid Fibre represents a full plug-and-play solution for the wiring of Hotel, Campus and MDU environments making installation faster with reduced complexity

Features of the product

Double the speed of installation and reduced opportunities for faulty installations
Lower total cost (+/-35%) of installation with higher material revenue
Patent protected solution in EU for overlength storage and slack cable dereeling
Industry leading low loss SM MPO connector solution to support very fast plug-and-play installation


Powerpoint Presentation : Rapid Fibre
Datasheet : Rapid Fibre
Datasheet : Rapid Fiber Faceplate
Datasheet : Rapid Fiber Panel Series

Calix Solutions

Deliver a Gigabit Experience over Copper via Innovation

Network transformation and driving fiber forward in your network is the goal of nearly every service provider. However delivering fiber all the way to the device-enabled subscriber is not always possible. Calix solutions can allow your existing copper infrastructure to compete head-to-head with DOCSIS-enabled competitors, and bring a gigabit experience to MDU and FTTdp environments. End-to-End solution combines fiber, copper, and Carrier Class Wi-Fi to bring a gigabit experience to the subscriber.

Full_Width_NGPON_graph1Calix NG-PON2

Surf’s up! Get ready to ride the next wave…

NG-Next Generation PON technologies are coming. This will mark a major shift in the industry to 10G PON technology. Calix is at the forefront of these new standards.  NG-PON2 (Next Generation Passive Optical Network 2, or ITU-T G.989) will surge over the service provider landscape and change it forever.

NG-PON2 is the first multi-wavelength access standard, ushering in the era of the multi-gigabit broadband experience for residential and business subscribers. By utilizing TWDM (Time and Wavelength Division Multiplexed) technology, it supports from 4 to 8 multiple wavelengths of 10 Gbps PON over a single fiber. At the premises, tunable lasers and receivers in the ONU (Optical Network Unit) will offer multi-gigabit broadband services – taking the subscriber experience to an entirely new level.

Complementing NG-PON2 will be a toolset of other 10G standards, including fixed wavelength XGS-PON (10/10) and XG-PON1 (10/2.5). These fixed wavelength technologies lack the flexibility of NG-PON2, but they will be commercially available sooner and support RF video more easily. All of these standards can coexist with today’s 2.5 GPON and future NG-PON2 deployments-the ultimate in future proofing the network.