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Celebrating 10 years as a distributor of Commscope brands

May 18, 2017

OSA is celebrating 10 years as a distributor of market leading Commscope brands for inside and outside plant applications.

We continue to work with Commscope introducing leading edge connectivity systems to the market.

In today’s news we are highlighting Commscope’s new Powered Fibre System and Introducing Rapid Fibre. As a celebration of our partnership, we have included special pricing on selected Powered Fibre Cable.


Outdoor-Cell-Site-Powered-Fiber-Cable-Solution-featurePowered Fibre Cabling System

Powered fiber cable system improves speed and simplifies installation, powering, and communication with small cells, Wi-Fi access points, security cameras and other devices


Brochure : Powered Fibre Cable System
Datasheet : Powered Fibre Cable
Video : Powered Fibre Cable System

Introducing Rapid Fibre

Rapid Fibre represents a full plug-and-play solution for the wiring of Hotel, Campus and MDU environments making installation faster with reduced complexity

Features of the product

Double the speed of installation and reduced opportunities for faulty installations
Lower total cost (+/-35%) of installation with higher material revenue
Patent protected solution in EU for overlength storage and slack cable dereeling
Industry leading low loss SM MPO connector solution to support very fast plug-and-play installation


Powerpoint Presentation : Rapid Fibre
Datasheet : Rapid Fibre
Datasheet : Rapid Fiber Faceplate
Datasheet : Rapid Fiber Panel Series